Ordering Copies

How to obtain a copy

Make it yourself—

  • Low-resolution photographs and many other documents are freely available on our website.
  • Most materials can be photographed without a flash. Bring a digital camera with you when you visit.

Buy a copy—

  • Request a photocopy or a microcopy.
  • Order a high-quality digital reproduction.
Reproduction Terms and Conditions

We are committed to making our holdings as widely available as possible, without any unnecessary restrictions on their use. We will provide copies of archival materials for users, and in some cases, allow researchers to make their own copies. Reproductions will be made consistent with the following principles:

Preservation of Holdings

Reproduction of the Archives' materials is conditional on the reproduction activity not causing harm or increasing the likelihood of harm to our holdings. We may prohibit reproduction or limit the types or methods of reproduction based on concerns related to the preservation of materials.

Statutory Compliance

The Archives endeavours to comply with laws affecting reproduction of material in our holdings. These include:

1. Copyright Act of Canada

There are no restrictions on the use or reproduction of materials in the public domain. For materials whose copyrights are owned by the West Vancouver Archives, we grant a non-exclusive licence to use the reproductions without restriction.

In keeping with the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act, single copies of the Archives' holdings may be provided for the purposes of research, private study, education, parody, or satire. Multiple copies or copies to be used for other purposes may also be provided, subject to the user confirming in writing that permission has been obtained from the copyright owners for the intended use.

The Archives uses reasonable efforts to ascertain third-party owners of materials, but we cannot provide any warranties or representations, and disclaim all liability regarding the materials' copyright ownership or status.

Whether you make a copy yourself or purchase a copy from the Archives, you are responsible for determining whether your use constitutes a copyright infringement and securing permission from the copyright holder if necessary.   

2. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act of British Columbia ("FOIPPA")

Copying of materials by and for Archives' patrons may be limited by the Archives' obligations under FOIPPA, and Archives' access and privacy policies and procedures. Depending on the circumstances there may be additional conditions imposed on copying these materials. 

Donor Intent

In some cases, donation agreements place access and use conditions on materials donated to the Archives that may limit our ability to provide reproductions of materials.

Cost Recovery

Users will be charged a fee for reproductions in order to offset the associated costs. The Archives does not charge fees contingent on how reproductions will be used (i.e. commercial licensing fees).

Archives' Discretion

All copying, whether performed by a patron or by the Archives on a patron's behalf, is done or permitted at the Archives' sole discretion. Archives staff may revoke permission to copy any of the materials in our holdings at any time.

"As-Is" Materials

All materials are provided by the Archives for copying and use on an as-is basis, without any warranty or representation as to the materials' content, format, quality or moral rights status.


Patrons must credit "West Vancouver Archives," the materials' reference code, and the creator if known, for each use of the materials.

Deposit of Publication

As a condition of sale, the Archives may request a complimentary copy of any publication using reproductions of the Archives' holdings.

No Transfer of Copyright

Patrons receive only a copy of the materials, and do not acquire any interest in the ownership of the copyright or other proprietary rights in the materials.

Legal Compliance

Patrons assume sole responsibility for the materials' use and reproduction complying with all applicable laws, including, but not limited to, copyright, moral rights, neighbouring rights, defamation and privacy laws.

No Endorsement

Patrons shall not publicly represent or imply that the District of West Vancouver is participating in, or has sponsored, approved or endorsed the manner or purpose of, patrons' use of the materials.

Price List
  • Reproduction fees are included in the District of West Vancouver's Fees and Charges Bylaw 4848 (2015).
  • Prices may be changed without notice.
  • Reproduction of items that cannot be reproduced on-site: actual cost from external provider.
Copies and services (taxes not included)
Photocopy $0.25 per page
Digital file $7.50 per 1/4 hour
Custom scanning (still images only) $20 per image
Cost recovery based on actual postal or courier charges.


Submit an Order

Orders may be placed by submitting a completed Reproduction Request Form  to the Archives by email, fax, or in person during public hours.

Payment must be received by any of the following methods before we will process your order:

  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Cheque payable to "District of West Vancouver" in Canadian funds
  • Debit or cash (if you place your order in person at the Archives)


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