Municipally Designated Heritage Properties

A municipally designated heritage property is protected by a bylaw so that it cannot be altered or destroyed. 

Under the Local Government Act, a local government, by bylaw, may designate properties as protected if the local government considers that the property has heritage value or heritage character, or that designation of the property is necessary or desirable for the conservation of a protected heritage property.

This designation differs from properties that are on the Community Heritage Register, as those properties, although are formally recognized as having heritage value, are not legally protected.

West Vancouver has 11 municipally designated heritage properties: the Ferry Building, Gertrude Lawson House, the Binning Residence, the Wagner Residence, Toby House, Sykes House, Vinson House, Rush House, Sutherland House, Boyd House, and Woyat-Bowie Building.

Ferry Building

The Ferry Building is a rare surviving structure from the municipality’s early history. Designated in 1987, the building received a Heritage Achievement Award in 1995 for its extensive rehabilitation. The Ferry Building now houses a municipal art gallery.

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Gertrude Lawson House

The building is now home to the West Vancouver Art Museum.

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Binning Residence

This exceptional modern home is an early example of the International Style in West Vancouver. Designed by Canadian artist B.C. Binning in 1941, it marked a radical departure from traditional house design. Binning was a pioneer of the modern movement on the West Coast.

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The Wagner Residence

The Wagner Residence is located at 6003 Eagleridge Drive, and was designed in 1963 by one of the Lower Mainland’s most notable architects, Percy Callahan Underwood (1894-1978), as his own home.

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Toby House

The Toby House is located at 2055 Queens Avenue and was designed by prominent west coast architect, Ray L. Toby for his own family in 1962.

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Sykes House

The Sykes House has heritage value for its contribution to the West Coast style of modern architecture with its unique 'spiral helix' roof, wide flaring eaves and exposed beams, and curved walls.

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Rush House

The Rush House is located at 1195 12th Street and is valued for its association with the early development of the historic Ambleside neighbourhood and its Craftsman style architecture.

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Vinson House

The Vinson House, located at 1425 Gordon Avenue, has heritage value for its architecture, its age, the development pattern it illustrates in Ambleside, and the significance of its original owner, Reeve Valient Vincent.

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Sutherland House

The Sutherland House was constructed in 1927 and was the first house to be constructed on the block. It was first occupied by James and Winifred Sutherland who lived at the property until 1932.

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Boyd House

The Boyd House, originally designed by recognized architect Ron Thom in 1956, is valued as an excellent example of the West Coast Style of modern residential architecture. 

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Woyat-Bowie Building

The Woyat-Bowie Building, constructed in 1966, is an early and intact example of a commercial building, and an expression of the West Coast aesthetic in a nonresidential form. 

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