Lions Gate Bridge

The Lions Gate Bridge is one of Vancouver's most recognizable landmarks and can be seen from numerous locations in West Vancouver.

1937 Construction began on March 31, after years of speculation and planning. The bridge was an impetus to real estate development on the North Shore, uniting both sides of the inlet. The First Narrows Bridge Company employed numerous workers in an otherwise bleak depression period. It was funded by private foreign investment through the efforts of A.J.T. Taylor.

1938 The bridge opened to pedestrian traffic on November 12, 1938, and to cars two days later, on November 14.

1939 On May 29 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth crossed the bridge during the first Royal Visit to Canada.

1952 A third lane was added to allow for passing.

1955 The British Columbia Toll Highways and Bridges Authority acquired the bridge for $5,595,060.

1963 Tolls were removed on April 1.

1965 Lane controls were installed.

1970s Several renovations were completed to significantly improve bridge safety and upgrade the structure.

1986 On February 19  a string of white lights was added to the bridge, a gift of the Guinness family to Vancouver.

2002 The bridge underwent a major upgrade that included roadway expansion, deck replacement, and the construction of more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly sidewalks. This type of replacement was the first in the world.

2004 The bridge was declared a national Historic Site of Canada