Arts Facilities Advisory Committee


The purpose of the Arts Facilities Advisory Committee (AFAC) is to prepare a comprehensive arts and culture facilities plan that considers the demands for arts and culture programming and services, growth and evolution of artistic practices and audiences, types of spaces and opportunities for co-location, as well as physical, administrative, governance and capital and operating funding needs.


The AFAC will:

  • consider existing needs (exhibition, performance, storage, workshop/studio and program spaces) and future needs for facilities and spaces to support arts and culture
  • recommend which existing facilities should be retained based on condition assessments, the District’s asset management plan and the arts and culture uses they can accommodate
  • identify other spaces that could support arts and culture activities including unoccupied or under-utilized spaces in civic facilities, schools, community centres, parks, public spaces, faith-based facilities and private spaces. Such uses could include artist residencies, summer camps, workshops or small events
  • involve arts and culture groups in preparing an arts and culture facilities plan
  • ensure the facility plan aligns with existing plans and directions including the Ambleside Town Centre Plan, Ambleside Waterfront Plan, Economic Development Plan and Official Community Plan (OCP)
  • support the framework of arts and culture venues distributed across the community with Ambleside as the main hub for arts and culture facilities and potential satellite spaces
  • consider other opportunities for a regional approach to facility delivery
  • review the considerable work completed previously on facilities, including the Facilities Needs Assessment Report completed as part of the Arts & Culture Strategy (February 6, 2018)
  • review and comment on matters pertaining to the AFAC’s purpose as referred by staff or Council.

The AFAC’s purpose is to develop a comprehensive arts and culture facilities plan which will be used to inform future planning for arts and culture facilities.


An appointment is for a one-year term and members may serve up to six years on the committee to a maximum of six years.

Council Member

Councillor Cameron

Volunteer Members

Bobbie Burgers, Michael Evans, Eric Fiss, Roz Seyednejad, Paul Tutsch, Jennifer Webb and Jason Wexler.

Staff Liaison

Christie Rosta, Events & Festival Manager, Cultural Services



Terms of Reference

Arts & Culture Facilities Plan

Next meeting

Date: Wednesday, September 18
Time: 8:30 a.m.
Location: Municipal Hall, Raven Room, 750 17th Street


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