Community Grants Committee


The Committee will allocate Council's Community Grants, according to Council Committee Policy.


To make recommendations to Council on Community Grants: Arts, Culture & Heritage; Community Services & Social Services; and Youth Competition & Leadership Fund.


Normally, two-year terms to a maximum of six years, with a one-year term for appointees from Council.

Council Members

Councillor Thompson


Tom Allen, Christine Banham, Lori Cameron, Merv Chia, Brian Hann, Peter Mitchell, Liesje Ryerson and Alex Sawchyn.

Staff Liaisons

Doti Niedermayer, Senior Manager, Cultural Services


Arleta BeckettCommunity Services & Community Development Manager


Alternate:  Director of Parks, Culture & Community Services


Arleta Beckett, Community Services & Community Development Manager 



Terms of Reference

Applications for Community Grants

Next Meeting

Community Grants Committee

Date: Friday, September 13
Time: 9 a.m.
Location: West Vancouver Community Centre, Cedar Room, 2121 Marine Drive

2019 Meetings

Community Grants Committee

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Arts, Culture & Heritage Subcommittee

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Community & Social Services Grants Subcommittee

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March 29 Notice Minutes
April 9 Notice Minutes


2018 Meetings

Community Grants Committee

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Framework Implementation Subcommittee

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Community Services & Social Services Grants Subcommittee

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Arts & Culture Grants Subcommittee

April 13 Agenda Minutes
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