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Child Care Services Working Group

In 2009-2010 the Child Care Services Working Group developed a Child Care Plan for West Vancouver. Many of the objectives in the original plan have been accomplished. It is now time to review and update the plan so that it anticipates and addresses future needs.


The working group's purpose is to provide advice (e.g. information, options, analysis and recommendations) to Council regarding the development of a new 10-year District of West Vancouver Child Care Plan.

The Child Care Services Working Group’s terms of reference are based on the Working Group Guidelines which were prepared by the Community Engagement Committee in 2014.


After an orientation session, the working group will review its terms of reference and prepare an initial work plan. It will review existing information regarding the child care in West Vancouver and discuss the achievements of the current Child Care Plan (2010).

At the mid-point of the working group’s term, the working group will prepare an interim progress report to Council and review its terms of reference with the Community Engagement Committee to identify modifications in tasks and completion dates that may be indicated. Upon completion of its assignment, the working group will submit a report of its findings and recommendations to Council.


The term of the working group is one year or until the work is completed, whichever is earlier.

Council Members

Councillor Gambioli

Citizen Members

Yilu Chen, Polly Evenden, Lesley McRae, Dani Renouf, Caroline Schier, Janos Stiasny and Claudia Zuniga-Blaney

Non-voting ex-officio members: Tunde Getaneh, North Shore Community Resources; Sandralynn Shortall, District Principal Early Learning, West Vancouver School District; Trustee Nicole Brown, West Vancouver School District; Lea Howard, Child and Family Hub Coordinator, District of West Vancouver; Glenda Burrows, Licensing Officer, Vancouver Coastal Health

Staff Liaison 

Arleta Beckett, Community Services and  Community Development Manager



Terms of Reference

Working Group Guidelines



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2019 Meetings

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