Community Grants

The deadline for all 2019 community grants is Thursday, January 31, 2019.

About the program

The Community Grants program helps residents of West Vancouver by providing funding assistance to non-profit organizations offering programs and services residents need.

Funding non-profit community organizations let us meet several objectives:

  • support for a diverse infrastructure of community non-profit organizations and services that respond to a broad spectrum of needs and interests;
  • local government endorsement for non-profit community organizations and partners to better attract funding from senior levels of government, donors, and foundations;
  • seed money that allows quick responses to changing and/or unmet community needs and interests

The application forms below are for grants being considered by the District of West Vancouver. Applicants seeking grants from the City and/or District of North Vancouver must use forms found on those websites.

The application forms correspond with the revised Community Grants Program Framework that was approved in November 2017.

Grants Framework


Required reporting for existing grants

All grant recipients must submit an Annual Accountability Form by January 31, 2019, for every grant received in 2018.

2018 Annual Accountability Form

Applications for 2019 Community Grants

  1. Organizational Summary

To be filled in by all organizations applying for Arts, Culture & Heritage, Community & Social Services, and Community Vitality & Environment grants.

If your organization is applying for more than one grant, you only need to complete a single Organization Summary Form.

Organizational Summary Form

  1. Budget

Each operating or project grant application will require a unique Budget Form specific to the application.

Budget Form

  1. Which grant will you be applying for?

Please select one of the following.

Arts, Culture & Heritage Grant

Arts, Culture & Heritage Operating Grant

Arts, Culture & Heritage Project Grant

Community & Social Services

Community & Social Services Operating Grant

Community & Social Services Project Grant

Community Vitality & Environment

Community Vitality & Environment Project Grant


Local to Global Youth Initiatives Grant


For more information or for questions regarding the forms, please contact:

Arleta Beckett
Community Services & Community Development Manager

More Information

A Community Grants Committee is appointed by Council to review applications and make recommendations to Council on Community Grants.

Community Grants Committee