Community Grants

The Community Grants program helps residents of West Vancouver by providing funding assistance to non-profit organizations offering programs and services residents need.

Funding non-profit community organizations enables us to meet several objectives:

  • support for a diverse infrastructure of community non-profit organizations and services that respond to a broad spectrum of needs and interests;
  • local government endorsement for non-profit community organizations and partners to better attract funding from senior levels of government, donors, and foundations;
  • seed money that allows quick responses to changing and/or unmet community needs and interests

Grants framework

The grant application process and questions asked on the application forms correspond with the revised Community Grants Program Framework that was approved by District Council in November 2017.

For information on the District’s Community Grants Program, including:

  • District priorities;
  • available grant streams and types of grants;
  • eligibility requirements;
  • types of activities the program does not fund;
  • the Basic grant adjudication process; and
  • basic guidelines to apply

Please review the District's Grants Framework

Watch this page for other upcoming grant opportunities and for information on 2021 and 2022 grant follow-up requirements.

Available grants

Local to Global Youth Initiative Grant

Grants from this fund provide one-time support for participation and event costs and:

  • empower young people to impact their communities
  • recognize individual youth who act as ambassadors to West Vancouver by participating in competitions, tournaments, festivals, or civic events

Applications for Local to Global Youth Initiative Grants are open year-round and can be submitted through our Grant Portal


For more information on the grant program or for questions regarding the application process, please contact:

Arleta Beckett
Community Services & Community Development Manager



Community Grants in other municipalities

These applications are for grants being considered by the District of West Vancouver. Applicants seeking grants from the City and/or District of North Vancouver must use forms found on those websites.

More Information

A Community Grants Committee is appointed by Council to review applications and make recommendations to Council on Community Grants.

Community Grants Committee