West Vancouver has some of the most biodiverse natural areas in the region that provide us with clean air, fresh drinking water and amazing recreational opportunities. With increasing pressures on our environment, protecting and enhancing natural assets is needed for long-term sustainability.

Environmental stewardship is about caring for our natural assets. District of West Vancouver staff and local stewardship groups lead many stewardship initiatives. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved!

The actions we take as stewards include:

  • invasive species removal and management
  • tree canopy and forest habitat protection
  • creek and riparian areas management for fish and wildlife
  • habitat box installations for bees and bats

Ways you can get involved:

  • connect with a local stewardship group
  • talk to your neighbours about removing invasive plants from private property in your community

Volunteer with us

Make a difference for our environment by caring for, enhancing and protecting green spaces. With more than 140 parks and natural areas in West Vancouver, there are many environmental initiatives for you to support and get involved with.

Visit the links below to become a District volunteer or join an upcoming event.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Stewardship groups

Below is information on current stewardship groups in West Vancouver, including contact information and website links (if available). If you are interested in more information, including joining a group, please use the contact information provided.

Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society

Friends of Cypress Provincial Park Society has the aim of protecting Cypress Park’s natural environment and associated values through interpretive materials, trail work, field trips and liaising with BC Parks and Cypress Bowl Recreations.


Alex Wallace, President

Anne George, Co-Chair


Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

The District joined the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in 2018 as a designated Clean Shoreline Community, one of the largest conservation programs in Canada.

On April 22, 2018 (Earth Day) the District held its first official Clean Shoreline Community cleanup event at Whytecliff Park. We look forward to the next shoreline cleanup event!

Clean Shoreline Community

Lighthouse Park Preservation Society

The Lighthouse Park Preservation Society seeks to protecting the natural integrity of Lighthouse Park through removing invasive plants, increasing public awareness through guided walks and guest lectures, and adopting the Six-Park Network.


Alexandra Mancini, President

Nature Vancouver (Vancouver Natural History Society)

Nature Vancouver has the aim of promoting the enjoyment of nature, conserving natural resources and enhancing access to and maintenance of natural areas in the Vancouver area through field trips, lectures, wilderness camps, workshops and publications.


David Cook, Director

North Shore Black Bear Society

The North Shore Black Bear Society has the aim of working to reduce human-bear encounters through education, cooperation and community support.


Luci Cadman, Executive Director

North Shore Wetland Partners

North Shore Wetland Partners has the aim of promoting wetlands conservation and habitat restoration, and assisting individuals, community organizations, businesses, local governments and schools in wetlands conservation initiatives.



Ocean Ambassadors Canada

Ocean Ambassadors Canada's mission is to start Canadians on a journey of reconnecting with nature, caring for the ocean and learning ways they can help to restore and protect it. Through hands-on educational workshops, summer camps and business initiatives, they inspire young people, communities and businesses to make real change.



Old Growth Conservancy Society

The Old Growth Conservancy Society has the aim of working with members of environmental and recreation groups and District of West Vancouver staff to protect Old Growth Conservancy (Hollyburn Ridge) through education and interpretation projects, site monitoring and consultation.


Alan Bardsley, Director

Karen Marzocco, President

West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society

The West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society has the aim of promoting and assisting, through habitat improvement projects and community involvement, the preservation of the West Vancouver shoreline as a habitat for sea life.

West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society

The West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society has the aim of working with the District of West Vancouver and Fisheries and Oceans Canada to monitor, maintain and improve creeks, protect and restore salmon habitat, conduct spawner surveys and promote public awareness through education.

West Vancouver Nature House

The West Vancouver Nature House is an organization founded by five local stewardship groups in collaboration with the District. When open, the West Vancouver Nature House will bring hands-on education for visitors wanting to learn more about nature.


Bill Chapman, President


Upcoming Events

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Invasive Plants

Invasive plants are non-native species that have been introduced to British Columbia without the insect predators and plant pathogens that help keep them in check in their native habitats.

Find out how you can help stop the spread of invasive plants in our community.

Invasive Plants