Corporate Waste

Running a government organization inevitably generates waste. We are constantly analyzing the production of waste and implementing the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy into our daily operations. Here's some examples:

  • Analysis of corporate solid waste flow has resulted in higher levels or waste diversion and/or efficiencies in waste management services.
  • Paper purchased for printers is minimum 50 per cent recycled content and group printers have been set to print double-sided by default.
  • Efforts being made to identify areas of District operations where the generation of waste can be reduced.
  • Increased efforts to recycle non-standard waste from garbage at District facilities.
  • Existing waste bins have been replaced by more effective waste stations that allow for food waste and include signage and colours that align with residential recycling programs.
  • Expanded tracking and reporting of material consumption and corporate solid waste generation.


Facilities Department