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West Vancouver’s rugged topography, narrow meandering streets, abundance of creek crossings and steep elevation changes are a beautiful but challenging backdrop when it comes to transportation. No additional major roads are planned.

Transportation is the second largest source of local community GHGs, but West Vancouver roads can accommodate more than just cars. With Blue Bus transit service and improvements in cycling and walking infrastructure, we’re trying to give people more options to avoid traffic congestion while reducing their environmental impact.

Use of electric vehicles is also on the rise. West Vancouver has installed charging stations at Municipal Hall, the West Vancouver Community Centre and Gleneagles Community Centre.

Blue Bus Transit

Leave your car at home and take the Blue Bus instead. It's a great way to get where you're going, faster than driving, and kinder to the environment. More Information


Traffic-calming measures, road closures, and improved pedestrian-designated areas make walking in our community very safe. It's healthy for you and healthy for the environment. More Information


Cycling is a great way to get around the community. It burns calories, adds muscle, and it leaves zero carbon footprint. More Information

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle charging stations are available at Municipal Hall, West Vancouver Community Centre and Gleneagles Community Centre. Each location has two vehicle charging spots. More Information