Memorial Markers

All markers (headstone) require a permit. Most memorial marker companies will apply for the setting permit and add the fee to the cost of the marker and bill the client directly. However, there are some companies who request clients pay the District for the permit directly ($308 plus GST).

Capilano View Cemetery does not make or sell markers except for single cremation plots and columbaria niches. You may order memorial markers for full interment or single and double cremation lots from any memorial marker company, provided that the marker meets the Cemetery Regulation Bylaw’s size and material requirements.

A supplier list can be obtained at the office and examples of markers can be seen on the cemetery grounds. Markers can take up to two months for delivery. Cemetery staff install the markers.

Markers can be made of granite, or bronze on a cement or granite base, with a minimum thickness of 3 inches.

Markers vary depending on size and material; $700 or more is normal.

The cost to install a marker is $308 (plus GST) for all sizes.

If a marker is removed to add data or be refurbished, a resetting permit fee of $231 applies.

Single Full Casket Lot:
12”x20”x3” or
16”x28”x3” or

Double Cremation Lot
12”x20”x3” or

Adjoining Lots - installed in between two full casket lots, or in between two double cremation lots
16”x28”x3” or

Double Depth Lot
16”x28”x3” or


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