Quarterly Reports

The quarterly financial reports provide information about the District's financial performance to the approved budget. The reports include commentary on work plans, variance explanations and they assist with identifying issues so that they may be resolved on a timely basis.

For the second and third quarter reports, a forecast of the operating and capital budget is completed to ensure that the District is spending within the approved budget.

Each quarterly financial report includes a review of the following items:

  • operating budget
  • capital budget
  • investment results
  • reserve balances
  • community amenity contribution funds
  • endowment fund reserve balance
  • procurements statistics

The quarterly financial reports are presented by fund: General Fund, Water Utility, Sewer & Drainage Utility, Solid Waste Utility, Golf Fund and Cemetery Fund.


2022 First Quarter


2021 First Quarter

2021 Second Quarter

2021 Third Quarter

2021 Fourth Quarter


2020 First Quarter

2020 Mid-Year

2020 Third Quarter

2020 Fourth Quarter


2019 First Quarter

2019 Mid-Year

2019 Third Quarter

2019 Fourth Quarter

The District's quarterly investment report was incorporated in the quarterly financial reports beginning in 2019. The 2018 quarterly investment reports consist of:

  • an account statement showing the balance of the District's investment in various bank high interest savings accounts and fixed income portfolios
  • a performance report of Municipal Finance Authority of BC pooled investment results


Quarterly Reports:

2018 First Quarter

2018 Mid-Year

2018 Third Quarter

2018 Fourth Quarter

Investment Reports:

2018 First Quarter

2018 Second Quarter

2018 Third Quarter

2018 Fourth Quarter


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