Council Meeting Procedure

Before the Meeting

Find out what's on the agenda:

  • agendas are posted online by 4:30 p.m. on Fridays
  • view the current agenda posted on the Municipal Hall external bulletin boards

Watch a Council meeting

To watch online please visit Only use this option if you do not wish to participate electronically.

Speaking at a Council Meeting

During the Council meeting, persons may address Council on a scheduled item.

A Public Questions and Comments period is held at the end of each regular Council meeting. Three minutes are available to each person who wishes to address Council at that time.

Council meetings and Public Hearings are held in the Municipal Hall Council Chamber and via electronic communication facilities, pursuant to Council Procedure Bylaw No. 5005, 2019. Click the link below to learn how to participate.

Ways to attend a Council meeting or public hearing

Watch online

Watch live public hearings and Council meetings, or browse the clips later.

Council Videos

View agendas and minutes


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