Council's Priorities: 2014 to 2018

In 2014, Council set seven priority areas to focus on during our 2014–18 term and in 2016 we added an eighth. By focusing on these priority areas, we have made significant progress in West Vancouver over the last four years. We have strengthened our long-term
fiscal position, built new and improved existing public spaces, taken measures to protect our environment, enhanced community vibrancy through arts and culture and developed a plan for the future of West Vancouver through the Official Community Plan review.

As our term nears its end, we are pleased to provide a report to the community on progress made on this Council’s Priorities.

Ambleside: Waterfront & Town Centre

Ambleside is West Vancouver’s town centre; whether you live, work, shop, socialize or access municipal services, it provides something for all residents. The adjacent waterfront is unique in the lower mainland as a much-loved destination with a wide range of users and activities. More Information

Built Form, Housing & Neighbourhood Character

New development and redevelopment impact neighbourhood character but there are no simple solutions for the District to reduce or prevent these impacts. More Information

Fiscal Sustainability & Municipal Services

Municipal governments across Canada are dealing with the costs of maintenance and replacement of ageing facilities and infrastructure, most of it built during the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. More Information

Natural Environment & Climate Action

More than ever, we are experiencing the effects of a changing climate, such as king tides, tropical storms, summer droughts and wildfires; these will likely continue. It is vital that we continue to implement policies that protect property and our natural assets, reduce the environmental footprint of our community and find ways to live more sustainably. More Information

Official Community Plan Review

Updating the Official Community Plan is about shaping the future of West Vancouver: how housing needs can be met, where shops, services and community facilities are located, how we move around, protect the environment and respond to climate change. More Information

Arts, Culture & Heritage

West Vancouver’s vibrant arts and culture scene is a vital part of our community. The unique and spectacular combination of ocean, mountains, flora and climate have for generations inspired a deep appreciation for the place, which in turn has led to creative responses. More Information

Police Services & Municipal Hall Project (formerly the Public Safety Building)

Properly housing the West Vancouver Police and other municipal services was one of the most significant capital projects ever undertaken by the District. After years of planning and construction, this critical piece of community infrastructure was completed on-time and on-budget. More Information

Traffic and Transportation

Transportation constraints and road congestion on the North Shore continue to impact our quality of life and the livability of our communities. Council added this priority in 2016, responding to the community’s significant concern related to traffic and transportation issues. More Information