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Council Priorities 2019–2020

At the beginning of their term, Council  worked together to set strategic goals and objectives that they will work toward achieving in the first two years of their term.

Council’s Vision

Our goal is to make West Vancouver a complete community; and one that is liveable, vibrant and inclusive. To accomplish this, we need to attract and inspire a full spectrum of people to live, play and work here. A vibrant economy, diverse housing choices and exciting amenities consistent with the Official Community Plan are also part of Council’s vision.


West Vancouver has the highest average housing costs in the region for both homeowners and renters. This is amplified by the limited diversity of housing and too many vacant homes in our community. Although housing affordability is driven by a number of factors, including market economics and demand, Council can take action to enable the development of desired forms of housing to increase housing options in our community.

Strategic Goal: Significantly expand the diversity and supply of housing, including housing that is more affordable.


1.1  Refine and clarify the number of housing units of each type required in West Vancouver over the next four years

1.2 The focus of these initiatives should be on housing for families with school-aged children, downsizers/empty nesters, and the professional workforce (fire, police, teachers, nurses)

1.3  Develop 2195 Gordon to provide housing that is affordable for, among others, our professional workforce

1.4 Increase the number of purpose-built rental units and expand the range of rental options

1.5  Increase the number of missing middle and infill housing types — coach houses, duplexes and townhouses

1.6  Move forward on plans for Cypress Village and develop a phased approach to development to ensure occupancy in first phase by Q2, 2022

1.7  Respect and protect neighbourhood character

Local Economy

Our businesses are facing a diminishing local market and are having difficulty attracting and retaining staff due to high housing costs and limited transit options. We want to ensure that our residents retain the commercial services they are accustomed to while maintaining the character of our commercial centres. Council can take action by planning land use to support commercial activities through collaboration with the local business community.

Strategic Goal: Create vital and vibrant commercial centres.


2.1 Complete local area plan for Horseshoe Bay

2.2 Initiate local area plan for Ambleside Town Centre

2.3 Implement the Economic Development Plan

2.4 Collaborate with the business community on mutual priorities such as parking, wayfinding, place-making and commercial tenant mix


Adapting to a changing climate is one of the greatest challenges our community faces. We contribute more GHG emissions per capita than the regional average. These emissions come from three primary sources: burning natural gas for our buildings, fuel to power vehicles and decomposition of solid waste.  We are already experiencing the effects of climate change such as shoreline flooding from sea level rise, storm events, wildfires and summer droughts and these will likely continue. Council can support a resilient community through adaptation measures and policy.

Strategic Goal: Protect our natural environment, reduce our impact on it, and adapt to climate change.


3.1 Determine very specific targets to reduce energy use and carbon emissions within the community and District operations as per our Emissions Plans and provincial initiatives

3.2 Address the threats of wildfires and floods

3.3 Manage and protect trees on private lands

3.4 Protect and improve stewardship of natural capital assets

3.5 Reduce community and corporate waste


Our community’s topography and low-density neighbourhoods give us little opportunity to expand our existing road network and have contributed to a car-dependent community. Three-quarters of our workforce and one-quarter of our students commute into West Vancouver every day while many of our residents commute out of West Vancouver for employment. The resulting congestion impacts residents’ quality of life, the ability of employers to attract and retain employees, increases road maintenance costs, creates pedestrian safety concerns and increases greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Council will strategically address these challenges by working collaboratively with multiple regional partners and our citizens.

Strategic Goal: Improve mobility and reduce congestion for people and goods. 


4.1 Participate with our partners in implementing the recommendations of the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project (INSTPP)

4.2 Improve public transit

4.3 Update our 2012 Strategic Transportation Plan

4,4 Improve neighbourhood traffic and safety

4.5 Improve school traffic and safety

4.6 Diversify and expand active transportation options

Municipal Services

West Vancouver is fortunate to have many residents who contribute their time, expertise and passion in shaping our community, our priorities and our objectives. We also have dedicated and professional staff who are committed to delivering high-quality and efficient programs and services. Council will continue to build on this strong foundation and engage the community to deliver the services that our residents are accustomed to while being fiscally responsible.

Strategic Goal: Deliver municipal services efficiently.


5.1 Review current services to determine which services, if any, can be reduced, eliminated, or delivered more efficiently

5.2 Continue to attract and retain high-quality employees

5.3 Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Council’s and the District’s engagement and communication with the community

5.4 Identify sources of funds, other than property taxes for municipal services and major projects

Social Well-being

Our community recognizes the importance of social inclusion, high-quality public facilities and the valuable services provided by our community organizations. West Vancouver is becoming less age diverse as our population ages while at the same time, we are becoming more culturally diverse and have opportunities to celebrate our increasing cultural richness. Council supports our residents’ well-being through the programs and facilities that contribute to a strong social fabric.

Strategic Goal: Enhance the social well-being of our community.


6.1 Support the construction of a new track and artificial turf field at West Van Secondary School

6.2 Implement the priority items in the Arts and Culture Strategy and complete the Arts and Culture Facilities Plan

6.3 Develop an interim and long-term solution for Klee Wyck Park

6.4 Acquire the two remaining Ambleside Waterfront properties

6.5 Enhance Ambleside Park concession services, including consideration of a bistro

6.6 Improve our trails

6.7 Find a permanent home for the Adult Day Centre

6.8 Continue to develop the long-term plan for the Civic Site

6.9 Support a North Shore Integrated Food System

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