Single-Family Lots

If you are building a structure on your property, including retaining walls, stairs, pools and decks, you will need a permit (generally permits are not required for re-roofing, exterior cladding, window replacement, fences or landscaping). 

Please also check the zoning for your particular property. Permit requirements vary depending on your lot size and dimensions, presence of creeks, if you are on a slope or if covenant is attached to your property.

Development Variance Permits

An application for a Development Variance Permit may be considered if a development proposal does not meet certain provisions of the Zoning Bylaw, Subdivision Bylaw, or a Land Use Contract.

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Secondary Suites

Secondary suites are legal in West Vancouver if they meet the following requirements:

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Rental Coach Houses

Guidelines for detached secondary suites, or rental coach houses.

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Environmental Development Permit

If you are doing any work within 15 metres of the top of any watercourse bank, you need an environmental development permit.

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Lower Caulfeild Heritage Alteration Permits

Lower Caulfeild is a designated Heritage Conservation Area. If you own property within these boundaries, you need an alteration permit for any work.

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Boulevards & Encroachments

Boulevard care is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. A well-maintained boulevard adds character. However, changes you make to your boulevard cannot negatively impact municipal services, reduce public safety or restrict public access.

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Solar Hot Water Ready Requirements

Summary of Regulations for Single Family and Duplex Zoned Properties

Note: New brochures for the amended zoning bylaw are being drafted and will be available shortly.