Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The District of West Vancouver’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan helps us prepare for and respond to wildfires where our community meets the forest. Approximately 50% of land in the District is within 100 metres of a forested area. 

The plan contains 54 strategic recommendations for improving emergency response and training, community education, emergency communications, building practices, and more, to make our community as fire safe as possible.

This document provides the District with a framework that can be used to review and assess areas of identified moderate and high fire risk within the District


Wildfire Fuel Management 

Wildfire fuel management work to reduce wildfire spread will be taking place in a six-hectare section of second-growth forest in West Vancouver near the Baden Powell Trail. The work is scheduled to begin in November 2022, depending on contractor availability and weather conditions.

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Wildfire Development Permit Area

The Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area was approved by Council on December 14 and includes all properties within 100 metres of a forested area—approximately 50% of land in the District.

The Development Permit Area will make our neighbourhoods safer by reducing the risk of wildfire hazards to new buildings, as well as minimizing the spread of fires into the community. A development permit is now needed before constructing most single- and multiple-family homes and coach houses. Although the District Fire Department recommends these guidelines for all existing homes, a development permit is not required for work on existing homes.

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Managing strands of non-hazardous dead trees

Due to climate change, there are a considerable number of dead cedar trees in our parks. Removing these trees is costly. Early this year, the Parks Department developed a pilot program for managing groups of dead trees on District-owned lands and parks, excluding boulevards. This program will allow residents to remove groups of dead trees at their own expense, using a District-approved contractor. 

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FireSmart Community 

The FireSmart Community program is designed to encourage local, self-organized groups of neighbours to implement solutions for wildfire safety by engaging and supporting homeowners, community leaders and others in shared efforts to protect people and property from wildfire. 

FireSmart assessments have been completed for critical infrastructures in the District, such as fire halls, water infrastructure, and others recommended in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan. 

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Community Wildfire Protection Plan


Jeremy Calder
Assistant Fire Chief


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