Fire department rezoning and development permit application requirements

Applicants applying for development permits in West Vancouver are required to conform with the Fire Department Rezoning/Development Permit Application Requirements, some of which are not frequently noted in a typical code analysis summary or architectural drawing set and are specific to West Vancouver.

Fire Department Rezoning/Development Permit Application Requirements

Please review the following requirements prior to completing and submitting your development permit application.

Fire Department Rezoning/Development Permit Application Requirements

Construction in the Wildland Urban Interface Zone

CONTRACTORS: Once the Fire Danger Rating progresses from the HIGH to EXTREME rating, all high-risk construction activity in the interface and/or park area (within 10 metres of the forest) shall cease at 3 p.m. each day and a minimum two-hour fire watch is required after construction ceases.

North Shore Interface Construction and Maintenance Protocol for High Risk Work during Periods of Extreme Fire Danger Ratings

DEVELOPERS: The District of West Vancouver has developed a set of guidelines that incorporate FireSmart principles into new building design and construction near areas of the community that are at risk of wildfires. A Wildfire Hazard Development Permit is required for all new houses and requires an assessment to be completed by a qualified professional.

Wildfire Hazard Development Permit

Fire Safety Plan, Pre-Incident Plan & Construction Fire Safety Plan Guidelines

The British Columbia Fire Code requires certain properties, based on building use or occupancy type, to create and maintain a Fire Safety Plan (FSP).

A Pre-Incident Plan is to be submitted along with the FSP. A Construction FSP is required for all buildings or portions of buildings and associated areas under construction, alteration, renovation, and demolition, and must be prepared prior to construction and submitted for review and approval by West Vancouver Fire & Rescue.

Fire Safety Plan & Pre-Incident Plan Program

Tower Cranes in West Vancouver

A Rescue Service Agreement must be entered into with West Vancouver Fire & Rescue prior to a tower crane becoming operational.

Application for this service is made through THARRP (Technical High Angle Rescue Rope Program) which is administered by the BC Safety Construction Alliance.

BC Safety Construction Alliance

Shipping Containers in West Vancouver

If shipping containers are to be used in West Vancouver, they must comply with DWV Bylaw No. 5163, 2021 Shipping Containers 9.66 – 9.73

DWV Bylaw No. 5163, 2021

WorkSafe BC Bulletin | Preventing explosions in shipping containers used outside the shipping industry