Fireworks Permits

Fireworks at other times of the year

If you plan to use fireworks as part of a private function, such as a wedding, birthday party or other special occasions, please follow these rules.

To ensure the safety of all your guests, you will need to arrange for a site inspection before a permit is issued. Private function permits cost $150.

Please call the Fire Department at 604-925-7370.

More fireworks information and regulations

  • it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, transport or use fireworks
  • fireworks are illegal to use on any highway, street, park, playground, school grounds or any other public place within the District of West Vancouver
  • fireworks must be used on private property only with the written consent of the property owner
  • it is illegal to discharge, propel, point or throw any fireworks at any person, animal, vehicle, building, structure, hedge or vegetation
  • Roman candles, rockets and other noisemakers are legal only if they make up not more than 30 per cent of a family pack of fireworks. Your fireworks retailer should be familiar with these regulations and assist you in your purchase


Fire & Rescue Services


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