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North Shore Emergency Management

North Shore Emergency Management is a tri-municipal agency that works in partnership with the three North Shore municipalities to plan, coordinate and test emergency and disaster response.

The emergency management office supports municipal and regional North Shore response capabilities by coordinating effective and efficient preparedness, planning, response and recovery activities, and by bringing together resources from the three municipalities, response agencies, public safety lifeline volunteers and other organizations on the North Shore.

North Shore Emergency Management


Disaster Supply Container

An emergency container has been placed near the West Vancouver Community Centre, outside the Ice Arena, to help prepare the community in the event of a major earthquake or other disaster.

The container, which looks like a storage pod, is the sixth Disaster Supply Cache to be added to locations throughout the North Shore and contains items to aid responders such as radios, personal protective equipment, generators, and evacuee support supplies.

The emergency containers are a joint effort between North Shore Emergency Management and the three North Shore municipalities—the District of West Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver, and the City of North Vancouver. The project was partially funded by a 2018 Community Emergency Preparedness Fund grant under the Union of BC Municipalities.

The Disaster Supply Caches are a component of the North Shore Operational Readiness Initiative, a resiliency strategy that includes coordinating emergency response across the North Shore.

The contents of the containers aid local responders in the event of a disaster such as a major earthquake, urban interface wildfire, or flood, and are located at key centres where emergency response and support would be organized. In addition, the supplies have recently been used in apartment fires on the North Shore.

In addition to outside the Ice Arena, the other containers are located near the Gleneagles Community Centre and, in North Vancouver, near the North Shore Neighbourhood House, Karen Magnussen Community Recreation Centre, Parkgate Community Centre and, soon to be installed, at the North Vancouver Tennis Centre.


For more information on a wide range of volunteer opportunities and preparing for an emergency, including how to create an emergency kit and to schedule a free one-hour presentation for your team, condo association, or special interest group, visit:

North Shore Emergency Management