Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected every other week.

On the morning of collection, set your garbage out between 5 and 7:30 a.m. and be sure not to overload your garbage can—the lid should close completely. And before you put an item in the garbage, check to see if it can be recycled or put in your Green Can.

Garbage, Green Can or recycling not collected?

Information on missed pick-ups


To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect our waste collection staff:

  • ensure that all personal hygiene products, used tissues, cleaning cloths, face masks, gloves, and similar items are disposed of in garbage bags.
  • securely tie garbage bags. Un-bagged or loose items will not be collected.
  • sort materials correctly. Crews are taking extra precautions and will not be sorting through garbage or recycling at the curb.

To learn more about the District’s response to COVID-19, and for updates on District operations, visit

Garbage Limits

Place garbage at the curbside in cans with lids. Garbage cans are not provided by the municipality, but can be purchased from a local retailer.

We will pick up 154 L per home, per collection day. That is:

  • two 77 L cans or bags,
  • two 121 L cans with one 77 L bag in each, OR
  • one 121 L can with no more than two 77 L bags

Maximum weight is 20 kg per container or bag.

Garbage Pick-Up Schedule

Landfill Bans

Before placing items in your garbage, check to see if they can be recycled, composted or taken to a designated depot for proper disposal.

The following items are not accepted or collected at the curb as garbage:

  • yard trimmings
  • food scraps
  • recyclables
  • oversized items
  • construction materials
  • dirt, rocks or sod
  • small appliances
  • used oil and antifreeze
  • batteries
  • paint
  • pesticides
  • electronics
  • tires
  • medications
  • explosives
Coexisting with wildlife

The North Shore is a natural bear habitat. Eighty per cent of interactions between humans and bears on the North Shore are caused by irresponsibly managed waste. 

Collection rules, such as set-out times, are included in our bylaw to deter animals and reduce wildlife attractants—please follow them.

To avoid attracting animals:

  • store all materials inside the house, shed or secure enclosure until the morning of collection
  • wash your containers with a mild soap or vinegar and water solution to reduce odours

Learn more about bears on the North Shore

Extra Garbage Tags

Set out limits for biweekly garbage collection are 2 x 77L bags or cans, an extra garbage tag is required to remove more than 154 L on collection day. Tags are $6 for each extra 77 L bag or can, and never expire.

To purchase a bundle of eight extra garbage tags online, please use our automated online application form here: Document Upload Centre

Alternatively, extra garbage tags can be picked up in person from the front counter at Municipal Hall or the West Vancouver Community Centre and Gleneagles Community Centre.

To use, attach the tag to your extra garbage bag or can and set it out with other garbage on your regular collection day.

Large loads of garbage can also be dropped off at North Shore Recycling and Waste Centre (formerly North Shore Transfer Station) located at 30 Riverside Drive. Applicable disposal fees apply.

Collection times


2022 Collection Map

2022 Collection Brochure


2021 Collection Map

2021 Collection Brochure

Collected every week

Green Can & Yard Trimmings


Collected every other week

  • garbage

Set out times

  • collection begins at 7:30 a.m.
  • set materials out after 5 a.m. on collection day, not the night before

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