If you're a dog owner and follow these simple rules, you can help keep West Vancouver a great place for all of its inhabitants, canine and human alike.

Owner responsibilities
  • the person legally responsible for a dog includes any person who owns, or has in their custody or control, any dog, and/or in whose name a licence has been issued or applied for
  • all dogs over the age of six months are required to be licensed and wear a West Vancouver dog tag
  • all dogs are required to be leashed and accompanied when off their property
  • no more than three dogs are allowed per home—and no more than six cats

Dog licence application form and information:

Dog Licences

Dangerous & aggressive dogs

Any dog that has attacked or tends to attack, harass or bite other domestic animals or humans without provocation, or is any type of pit bull terrier or other dog specifically bred or trained for fighting, is an aggressive dog under Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw #4545. When at home, the dog must be securely confined by a structure which will keep young children from entering and the dog from exiting.  

Any dog that has bitten a person or pet must be muzzled when off the owner's property.


Excessive barking that disturbs neighbours may result in a fine.

Dog waste

Picking up your dog's waste is the right thing to do—and it's required by the bylaw.

Animal Control Bylaw

Dog waste in parks

By taking a few simple steps, you can help keep our parks clean and safe.

  1. Scoop up your dog's waste
  2. Choose the best disposal option:

If no other options are available at your local park, place the waste in a sturdy bag and take them home. 

Dog Waste Only bins

New red bins for "Dog Waste Only" are located in some popular West Vancouver parks. Learn more:

Dog Waste Only Bins

Dog waste at home

Cleaning dog waste from your property will help keep people healthy and prevent pathogens from entering our waterways. Here are some sanitary disposal methods:

Dog waste can also be double-bagged and discarded with residential garbage. This is suitable for smaller amounts. 

Preventing dog bites

Not all dogs bite, but all dogs can. Children under nine are most at risk, so please follow these useful tips to prevent bites and ensure you teach your children about dog safety.

  • Be careful when you and your children are playing with your canine. Most bites occur when children are playing with dogs.
  • Report all bites, incidents of aggressive behaviour and stray dogs to Bylaw Services at 604-925-7152.
  • Dogs can bite when defending toys, food, yards, porches, vehicles, puppies and their guardians. Be aware of defensive dogs.
  • Watch out for fearful dogs, they can bite to protect themselves.
  • Unsocialized backyard dogs can be a high risk to bite. Do not let children stick hands through fences or approach tethered dogs in yards.
  • Approach slowly, walking in an arc. Walking in a straight line can be viewed as a threat.
  • Ask the person with the dog if the dog is safe to pet.
  • Stand at a slight angle to the dog, allow the dog to sniff your hand.
  • If the dog is friendly first pet the dog under the chin.
  • Never reach over a dogs head to pet.
  • Never let children hug dogs, some like the affection but most do not.
  • Sick, injured and elderly dogs may be uncomfortable or in pain and less tolerant of people. Be careful.
  • Never approach stray dogs and make sure you report them.

Infractions that can be subject to fines:

  • Failure to remove animal droppings $150
  • Dog not licensed $150
  • Dog without tag $50
  • Animal running at large $150
  • Dog in prohibited area $150
  • Dog not under control in off-leash area $100 
  • Dangerous animal at large $500
  • Dangerous animal not muzzled $500
  • Animal aggressively harassing or pursuing a person $500
  • Animal injuring a person or pet $500
  • Barking dog $100
  • Human keeping more than three dogs $500
  • Human walking more than three dogs $100 
  • Commercial walking of more than six dogs $200 
  • Animal left inside vehicle $150 
  • Animal untethered outside the passenger compartment of a vehicle $150
Your Pets During Emergencies

Learn about what to do with your pets in an emergency situation:

Your Pets During Emergencies


Bylaw & Licensing Services



Abbie's Guide

Abbie's Guide is a dog's guide to West Vancouver, and it's got everything you need to know!

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Note: Please visit Dog Licences for updated licensing fees.

Dogs in Parks

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Dog Walkers

Commercial dog walkers require permits and licences. 

Commercial Dog Walking Permits


Details are in the Animal Control Bylaw.