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Important updates
  • The Certified Professional Program has been adopted. For further details, visit
  • BC Energy Step Code will be effective February 28, 2021, visit
  • The District has adopted a Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area. To determine whether this will impact your building permit application, visit
  • In response to COVID-19, we are not accepting paper applications and paper documents at this time. We are still open for business and here to accept new applications and documents for existing applications electronically.  Applicants must submit all necessary documentation, similar to in-person permit application submissions. All fees may be paid online.
Application process

STEP 1 – Obtain any required Development & Environmental Development Permits

In some cases, a separate Development or Environmental Development Permit is required before a multi-family building permit application can be submitted. Visit the Planning & Development webpage for more details.

The following circumstances will require a Development Permit:

  1. If the proposed work includes a use that is subject to a Development Permit Area
  2. If the proposed work requires a Zoning Amendment
  3. If the proposed work includes changes to the exterior building form and character
  4. Construction of new multi-family dwelling

The following circumstances will require an Environmental Development Permit:

  1. Any construction within 15 m of the top of the bank of a watercourse. 
  2. Construction of a new multi-family dwelling within the Wildfire Hazard Development Permit Area.

STEP 2 – Complete the Building Permit Application Form

Commercial and Multi-Family Building Permit Application Form and Checklist

STEP 3 – Prepare your application package with all required documents and drawings

Applicants must submit all necessary documentation at the time of submission. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

All multi-family building permit applications, regardless of scope, must include the following items:

  1. Commercial and Multi-Family Building Permit Application Form and Checklist
  2. Title search with copies of all covenants, easements, rights of way and any other encumbrances (not more than 30 days old).
  3. Registered Owner’s Authorization Form (if applicant other than the registered owner)
  4. Strata approval letter
  5. Detailed scope of work

Refer to the following checklists for required items pertaining to specific scopes of work. Please note, these are intended as guides and additional items may be required.

STEP 4 – Ensure all documents and drawings are prepared for electronic submission

The District is accepting electronic applications only.

Documents and drawings must be formatted to the below requirements or they will not be accepted:

  1. Documents and drawings are set to high resolution and legible
  2. All documents must be submitted in PDF format and to scale.
  3. Plans/Drawings with multiple pages must be combined into a single Electronic Document
  4. Documents and Drawings must be saved individually by discipline. Do not combine multiple checklist items into one PDF
  5. Documents and Drawings must be named accordingly.
  • Structural Schedule B
  • Architectural Drawings
  • BC Corporate Search
  1. Documents containing multiple layers must be flattened to a single layer
  2. File size must not be reduced
  3. Any document required to be sealed by Registered Professionals must be digitally sealed with encrypted seal (Notarius software). Wet seals or photocopied seals and signatures will not be accepted.
  4. Do not enable the “Certify” check box under “Advance Options” in the signature dialogue box when applying digital signature with the ConsignO software suite. This will prevent the District from applying subsequent stamps or seals. 
  5. File must be unsecured and not password protected

STEP 5 – Submit your application request

As of April 15, 2021 Applications must now be submitted using the Document Upload Centre. Emailed submissions will not be accepted.

In order to use this service, you will require the following:

  1. A valid email address. 
  2. All application forms, documents, and drawings required must be prepared as per our above requirements and ready for upload.
  3. The person you have specified as the applicant on your application form must be the same individual making this online submission.

Ready to submit? Click on the link below

Document Upload Centre

STEP 6 – Application pre-screen

Once you have completed your application request via the Document Upload Centre, District staff will pre-screen your submission to ensure that you have submitted all the required documents. You will be contacted within three to four business days from the time of your submission with further instructions.  Incomplete applications will be rejected.

STEP 7 – Application fee payment

If your application request is accepted, you will be required to pay an application fee. You will be contacted by a Building Clerk with an invoice and instruction for online payment.

For details regarding fees and charges, see the section below.

Fees & Charges

Visit the link below for details about fees for building permits and inspections.

Fees & Charges

Submitting additional documents and revisions

Visit the webpage below to for instructions on submitting additional documents and revisions.

Submitting additional documents and revisions

Building Procedures & Bylaws

Visit the webpage below to view building regulations, bylaws, and snow load information.

Building Procedures & Bylaws

Energy Step Code

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial standard that aims to create healthier, more energy-efficient and comfortable new buildings. It does so by establishing measurable performance-based energy-­efficiency requirements for new construction.

Step Code

Additional forms & documents

Visit the webpage below for a list of additional forms and documents.

Additional forms & documents


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