Submitting additional documents and revisions

As of April 15, 2021 additional documents and/or revisions must be submitted using the Document Upload Centre.  Emailed submissions will not be accepted.

In order to use this service and add to an existing application, you will require the following:

  1. All required application forms, documents, and drawings must be prepared as per our requirements below and ready for upload.
  2. You must have a valid application number and access code. This is not your permit number.  Application numbers will begin with the letters PAR.

What to do if you do not have a valid application number and access code

Applications made after April 15, 2021, will automatically be provided this information at the time of their building permit application. You can find this information in the email with the subject line, “Application Request Processed”. If you are submitting additional documents or revisions for an application made prior to this date please contact the Permits Department by email or by phone at 604-925-7040 and this information will be provided to you.

Submission Process

STEP 1: Prepare your submission with all required documents and drawings

If your submission includes revisions to an existing application, you must include the following or your submission will not be accepted:

  1. Drawings must be highlighted and clouded where revisions are being made.
  2. A revision cover letter must be included in your submission providing details as to the nature of the revision and/or additional documents.

STEP 2: Ensure all documents and drawings are prepared for electronic submission

Documents and drawings must be formatted to the below requirements or they will not be accepted:

  1. Documents and drawings are set to high resolution and legible.
  2. All documents must be submitted in PDF format and to scale.
  3. Plans/Drawings with multiple pages must be combined into a single Electronic Document.
  4. Documents and Drawings must be saved individually by discipline. Do not combine multiple checklist items into one PDF.
  5. Documents and Drawings must be named accordingly. Examples:
  • Structural Schedule B
  • Stormwater Management Drawings
  • Traffic Management Application Form
  1. Documents containing multiple layers must be flattened to a single layer
  2. File size must not be reduced
  3. Any document required to be sealed by Registered Professionals must be digitally sealed with encrypted seal (Notarius software). Wet seals or photocopied seals and signatures will not be accepted.
  4. Do not enable the “Certify” check box under “Advance Options” in the signature dialogue box when applying digital signature with the ConsignO software suite. This will prevent the District from applying subsequent stamps or seals. 
  5. File must be unsecured and not password protected

STEP 3: Make your Submission via the Document Upload Centre

Document Upload Centre

At the Document Upload Centre, home screen select, "add to an existing application".

Enter the application number and access code that were provided to you at the time of application. This is not your building or trade permit number. The application number will begin with the letters PAR.

Note: If you do not have this number and access code, see instructions above.


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