2234 Marine Drive

Process for Consideration

May 2016

The development proposal for 2234 Marine Drive is not proceeding and this file has been closed.

June 2015

The Design Review Committee (DRC) considered the development proposal for 2234 Marine Drive for a second time at their June 18, 2015 meeting. The DRC passed the following motion:

THAT the Design Review Committee has reviewed the 5-unit residential building at 2234 Marine Drive and recommends RE-SUBMISSION that addresses the following concerns:

  1. Additional information required for extent of variances, street elevations, privacy and overlook to neighbouring properties, clarification of materials, and a scale model;
  2. The case for the variances has not adequately been established, but could be with more additional information;
  3. Stair feature too prominent on the Marine Drive elevation and balconies need to be better integrated into the overall design;
  4. Further understanding of building details and relationship between materials and finishes;
  5. Project should examine site planning and the building’s relationship to the public realm at Marine Drive; and
  6. One more tree to be added to the boulevard and plans should show the curb and sidewalk.

The applicant is currently working on revised plans. Once plans are received that appropriately respond to the items identified by the DRC, the application will be scheduled for a third appearance back to DRC.

May 2015

The applicant has submitted a revised proposal for the 5-unit boutique condo building for 2234 Marine Drive. The revised application will be re-considered by the Design Review Committee on June 18, 2015.

Staff Memo to DRC

December 2014

The District has received an application for a Development Permit for 2234 Marine Drive for a 5-unit condominium building.  The proposal was reviewed by the Design Review Committee (DRC) on December 11, 2014 and the Committee recommended that the proposal in its current design not be supported, and recommended a redesign of the building.  The District is waiting for information from the applicant on how they wish to proceed.

Memo to DRC

Design Review Committee


Lisa Berg
Senior Community Planner