325 Keith Road

The owner of the subject property has applied to build a detached secondary suite (coach house) on the property. The proposal entails:

  1. constructing a new 111.5m2 (1200 sq ft) one-storey coach house with attached single-car garage (no zoning bylaw variances required),
  2. an additional driveway access to the coach house from Keith Road,
  3. construction an outdoor patio for the proposed coach house partially within 15 metres from top of watercourse bank, and
  4. installation of landscaping and removal of invasive species from the property which results in the proposal complying with the Districts riparian regulations

An existing secondary suite located in the basement of the existing house will be removed. The application was approved on November 25, 2015.

Proposed coach house 325 Keith Road


Erika Syvokas
Assistant Planner