Rodgers Creek Area 5 Subdivision

The Owner (British Pacific Properties Ltd) has applied to subdivide the area into one multi-family lot with the remaining area of approximately 3.42 ha (representing 35.3% of the 9.67 ha Area 5 development lands), to be established as publicly owned green space. In addition, the proposal includes the following features:

  • with the exception of road and trail crossings, Cave and Westmount Creeks are to remain open and protected as they are located within the proposed dedicated Park areas
  • a permanent constructed wetland is proposed within the proposed multi-family lot adjacent to the Mountain Path
  • one private strata road is to be constructed accessing Cypress Bowl Road, requiring a crossing of Cave Creek
  • the Mountain Path (“the Path”) connecting Area 4 (east of Area 5), with the future Cypress Village and McGavin Field (west of Area 5).  The Path is located within proposed dedicated park land as well as land owned by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (“MOTI”).  To maintain the forested character of the Path, retaining walls are prohibited in the rear 6 metres of the proposed adjacent development lot with this area to be landscaped
  • two new secondary trails are to be built to connect the neighbourhoods:
    • down from upper Cypress Bowl Road to the Mountain Path
    • from an existing secondary trail from the east to the private strata road with right-of-way to secure public access

Development Permit Conditions

The proposed Development Permit would allow the Approving Officer to consider subdivision of the site as described above, but it would also provide for:

  • earthworks, rock removal and blasting within the Area
  • onsite rock processing and crushing
  • watercourse protection
  • park dedication
  • tree removal and management
  • sediment and erosion control
  • wildland fire management
  • associated security bonding

Site Plan

Proposed Subdivision


Michelle McGuire
Manager of Current Planning & Urban Design