Rodgers Creek Area 6

British Pacific Properties (BPP) applied for a Development Permit (No. 16-002) for initial site clearing and preparation of Area 6 of the Rodgers Creek Neighbourhoods which was approved at the July 25, 2016, Council meeting

The approved works involve:

  1. earthworks, rock blasting and rock processing to allow partial construction (rough-in) of the proposed new roads (Roads G and H)
  2. culvert installation within Westmount and Cave Creeks where roads cross,
  3. rock removal and earthworks at “borrow sites” within some of the future proposed lots in order to balance cut and fill within Area 6 (as opposed to trucking in material to complete the road rough-in), and
  4. tree removal to allow the above works to occur.

BPP will be diverting users of Sex Boy and Shore Play along Fern Trail which runs east-west above Area 6, to connect riders to trails to the west.

Schedule C - Civic Drawings

Schedule D - Emergency Response Access Strategy

Schedule E - Wildland Fire Management Plan

Schedule F - Tree Management Strategy

Schedule G - Environment Management Plan

Schedule H - Mountain Bike Trail Strategy


Michelle McGuire
Manager of Current Planning & Urban Design