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Rodgers Creek Area 6 Subdivision

Rodgers Creek Area 6 (3100 block Cypress Bowl Road) is to be developed into 13 lots as follows:

  1. 8 multi-family lots, 4 single-family lots and a multi-family building amenity site that will be transferred to District ownership as part of the Rodgers Creek Area amenity package.
  2. 12.21 ha, representing 55.6% of the 21.96 ha Area 6 development lands, are to be established as publicly owned green space.
  3. With the exception of road crossings, Cave and Westmount Creeks are to remain open and protected as they are located within the proposed dedicated Park areas.
  4. A comprehensive environmental protection plan to prevent and/or mitigate environmental impacts resulting from site development activities is included as part of the proposed development permit.
  5. Permanent constructed wetlands are proposed within proposed Lots 3 and 8 and within a proposed park area adjacent to the west property line of proposed Lot 2.
  6. Two local roads (Road G and Road H) servicing Area 6 are to be constructed that cross Westmount and Cave Creeks.  Development Permit No. 16-002 approved by Council on July 25, 2016 allowed rough in of these roads and installation of the associated culvert crossing of the creeks.
  7. Pedestrian/utility/emergency vehicle connections connect Area 6 with Cypress Bowl Road and Fern Trail (4WD accessible).
  8. The Upper Mountain Path (“the Path”) provides a connection from the Mountain Path and Chippendale Road at the east end of Area 6, west to the future Cypress Village.  The Path is located in proposed dedicated parks for its length through Area 6.  The Path is located below proposed Lots 2 and 12 (future multi-family development) and in order to maintain the forested character of these sections of the Path, retaining walls are prohibited in the rear 7 metres of these lots with this area being landscaped.
  9. Three new secondary trails are to be built to connect the neighbourhood:
  • one trail connects the Path up to the lower road (Road G) and onward to the upper road (Road H) located approximately midway along their length;
  • a second trail extends from the west end of Road G up to the existing Fern Trail; and
  • a third trail extends from the existing Fern Trail north of Area 6 up to the TransCanada Trail.

The proposed Development Permit would allow the Approving Officer to consider subdivision of the site as described above, but it would also provide for:

  • earthworks, rock removal and blasting within some of the proposed lots;
  • onsite rock processing and crushing;
  • watercourse protection;
  • park dedication;
  • tree removal and management;
  • sediment and erosion control;
  • wildland fire management; and
  • associated security bonding.

Zoning Bylaw variances for future houses on Lots 5 to 8 and retaining walls within proposed Lots 2 and 12 are also proposed. 

Subdivision Site Plan

Proposed Plan of Subdivision

Site Clearing and Preparation Works

British Pacific Properties (BPP) applied for a Development Permit (No. 16-002) for initial site clearing and preparation of Area 6 of the Rodgers Creek Neighbourhoods which was approved at the July 25, 2016, Council meeting. 


Michelle McGuire
Manager of Current Planning & Urban Design