Rodgers Creek, Areas 5 and 6


The 215-acre Rodgers Creek Area was rezoned in 2008 to enable the development of a comprehensively planned residential community with a diverse mix of housing along with environmental protection of sensitive riparian and forest areas. Of the approved 736 housing units, 493 units are located in Areas 5 and 6 with the closest proximity to the future mixed-use Cypress Village. The majority of Areas 5 and 6 is yet to be developed and the owner has applied for rezoning of these two areas to enable smaller units, additional rental units and better transportation connectivity.


The rezoning application is proposing the following changes:

  1. Increased apartment, cluster housing and townhouse units in Areas 5 and 6: The current average net unit size in Areas 5 and 6 is approximately 1,800 square feet. The application is proposing to increase the number of for-sale units through unit size reduction with an increase in the for sale units of 100 in Area 5 and 60 units in Area 6. The average unit size in Areas 5 and 6 after the rezoning would be approximately 1,100 square feet.
  2. Increased building heights in Areas 5 and 6: An increase in maximum building height from 12 storeys to 16 and 14 storeys in specific locations in Areas 5 and 6 is proposed and allows for construction of narrower buildings. In both Areas 5 and 6, the overall approach of increasing building height toward the west and Cypress Village is maintained as originally envisioned. No increase in density is proposed for this change.
  3. Increase in single-family dwelling units in Area 6 from 4 lots to 10 lots: This proposed change would allow for the development of smaller single-family homes. No increase in density is proposed for this change. An Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment is proposed to permit this change to increase the maximum number of single-family dwelling permitted.
  4. Addition of a secured rental apartment building: To address housing policy in the OCP to achieve a greater diversity of housing choice a new secured rental 12-storey apartment building (110 units) is proposed in Area 6.
  5. Extension of Uplands Way to connect to Cypress Bowl Road: The applicant is proposing to extend Uplands Way to connect back to Cypress Bowl Road in order to expand transportation options in the neighbourhood including improving the opportunity for future transit service.

Proposed Plans


Michelle McGuire
Manager of Current Planning & Urban Design