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Rodgers Creek Neighbourhoods

Rodgers Creek Area 4

The Application

This application is for a Development Permit for site development and subdivision of Area 4 of Rodgers Creek into 37 lots.  Area 4 is 9.41 ha (23.3 acres) in size and is situated on the north side of the 2900 and 3000 block of Cypress Bowl Road as shown on the map below.  The application is being made by the land owners, British Pacific Properties Limited and P. Rock Ltd.

Status of Application

At its meeting of July 29, 2013, Council approved Development Permit No. 10-051 for Rodgers Creek Area 4 subject to updating all drawings included in the development permit to show the correct location of the feature tree.

The Proposed Development Permit

If approved, the proposed Development Permit would impose requirements and conditions on the development of the lands in Rodgers Creek Area 4 consistent with the guidelines for the Rodgers Creek Area/Upper Lands Development Permit Area of the Official Community Plan.  The proposal is based on the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan which was approved by West Vancouver Council in 2008.

The key features of the proposal are:

  • The proposal provides for a new cul-de-sac road, two apartment sites, 14 semi-detached home lots, six small single-family lots and 15 regular sized single family lots;
  • 42 per cent of Area 4 to be established as publicly owned green space;
  • A permanent constructed wetland proposed at the south end of the site, north of Cypress Lane, west of Tributary PP and east of Pipe Creek;
  • A pedestrian/utility/emergency vehicle connection to connect Area 4 with Cypress Lane/Mulgrave School;
  • Continuation of the westerly extension of the Mountain Path consistent with the Rodgers Overview Report;
  • Three new secondary trails to be built to ‘connect’ the neighbourhood;
  • A feature tree in the riparian area of Tributary P (identified in the Rodgers Overview Report) to be protected during site servicing and rough grading and re-evaluated post-grading for retention; and
  • Two proposed Zoning Bylaw variances: the first variance would be for over-height retaining walls in a retaining wall system necessary to deal with a cut slope and grade changes along a 50 m long section of the new road servicing Area 4; and the second variance would be for modifying the definition of grade for purposes of calculating building height  - grade would be determined using existing grade at the rear property line and finished grade on the lot line abutting the post-construction new road.
  • An additional development permit for building ’form and character’ would be necessary on each of the lots except the 15 regular sized single family lots.

Staff report with DP, including Schedule A

DP Schedule B

DP Schedule C:





DP Schedule D

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