Tax Payment Options

There are many ways to pay your property taxes on time to avoid penalty. Find the option below that works best for you.

Through Your Bank

You can pay your taxes at most financial institutions. Pay in person at the counter and get a stamped receipt. Use the ATM and keep your receipt as the processing of payments may be delayed. Please make sure to claim your Home Owner Grant separately.

Home Owner Grants can be claimed online.

Internet or Telephone Banking

Most financial institutions offer online or telephone banking. Be sure to check bank processing times to avoid penalties. Refer to the folio number located on the front of your tax statement to set up your online or telephone banking payment.

The District of West Vancouver will accept all payments processed by the bank on our property tax due date.  We recommend you make your payment early, however, if you are making an online payment on the due date, please keep a record of your payment should you receive a reminder notice with a penalty (you will need to provide proof to our financial services team).  To have a penalty reversed, we require a copy of the transaction, and it must show the due date as the payment date (all others payment dates will not be accepted).

*Attention BMO clients:  BMO bank payments require a 12 digit account number. Folio numbers for the District of West Vancouver are 6, 9 & 12 digits. If your folio is 6 or 9 digits, please use extra zeros to satisfy the BMO requirements.


  • A 6 digit folio number 01-0001 would need to be set up as follows for BMO 010001000000
  • A 9 digit folio number 01-0001-001 would need to be set up as follows for BMO 010001001000
Through Your Mortgage

If you already have your bank paying your taxes through your mortgage, your bank will remit the payment on your behalf. If you are eligible for a Home Owner Grant please be sure to claim the grant by the tax due date. Send your Home Owner Grant to Municipal Hall. Or you can claim your grant online.

By Mail

Mail your payment early! Postmarks are NOT accepted as date of payment. Mail your post-dated cheque early and we will process your payment post-dated in our system. Please make cheques payable to the District of West Vancouver.

In Person

Municipal Hall is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To avoid waiting in line, we suggest you make payments in person well before the tax due date. Post-dated cheques are accepted.

After-Hours Drop-Off

Before 8 a.m. or after 4:30 p.m., put your payment (cheque or money order) along with the bottom portion of your tax notice in a sealed envelope and place it in the mail slot located at the main entrance of Municipal Hall.

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan

Plan ahead for next year. Pre-authorized tax payments budget your tax payments over a year instead of making one lump sum payment.  We will estimate your monthly payment based on the prior years taxes, but you can adjust the amount by submitting an adjustment form.

Eleven equal payments will be withdrawn from your bank account on the first day of the month, from August to June. The twelfth payment will be the difference between the estimate and the actual current year's tax bill. the final payment will be withdrawn from your bank account on the tax due date in July.

You still need to claim your Home Owner Grant each year and submit it by the due date. If you don't claim the grant, the amount will be added to the July payment.


Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Application

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Cancellation

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Monthly Adjustment

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Bank Account Change

If you'd like to cancel the automatic withdrawals, use the cancellation form to notify us in writing.

If you've changed bank accounts, please use the bank account change form to notify us.

Tax Deferment
If you are planning to defer your taxes, please cancel the automatic withdrawals immediately.

Mortgage Tax Payments
If you'd like to use pre-authorized payments and are paying your taxes through your mortgage, please contact your financial institution prior to applying.


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