Sprinkling Permit

Seasonal lawn sprinkling regulations are in effect from May 1 to October 15 annually. To water lawns outside of permitted regular sprinkling hours, a special lawn sprinkling permit is required.

Lawn sprinkling permits are approved only for newly seeded or turfed lawns, or to allow extra lawn irrigation during nematode application for pest management. Please note, nematode treatment will be most effective if applied in the third and fourth week of July.

Permit details:

  • the permit is free
  • expires three weeks from the date permit is issued
  • receipt for the purchase of nematodes must be presented to Engineering as confirmation
  • the permit must be displayed during sprinkling outside of designated watering hours

Call the Engineering Department to obtain a permit:


Water is fully metered, which means you pay based on how much water you use. Additional water used for irrigation during nematode application will be accounted for on your quarterly water bill. Permit holders are reminded to conserve water and not to sprinkle unnecessarily.


Engineering Department