Storm Drains & Culverts

A maze of underground storm drains carry rain and melting snow as it runs off roofs, driveways, roads and other hard surfaces. Along the way, it picks up pet waste, oil, fertilizers, pesticides and other pollutants. These substances are harmful, and if they enter drains and catch basins, they end up in our waterways and eventually the ocean.


You may notice that many West Vancouver streets are lined with open, unpaved ditches. These ditches help slow water down as it drains off roads and adjacent properties, reducing creek flows and erosion. Open ditches also give pollutants a chance to settle out before reaching creeks and the ocean. 

Metro Vancouver Stormwater Management

Storm Drainage System Infrastructure

By the numbers:

  • storm drainage mains: 235 km
  • culverts: 522
  • creeks/streams: 26 km
  • storm water detention basins: 19
  • rain gauges: 5
  • oil-grit separator: 1
  • grates: 136

Help Protect Our Streams

It's all connected. If it spills, it ends up in one of our waterways, and that affects our environment.

Fisheries & Oceans Canada - Keep Our Creeks Healthy


Find out more about how you can support environmental stewardship. Because there's more to it than what you do—or do not—put down the drain.


Keep stormwater flowing

Learn more about how we manage and maintain infrastructure that sends run-off from rain and melting snow to the ocean.

Stormwater Infrastructure Asset Management Plan