Council Meeting Highlights: December 7, 2020

Dec 7, 2020

Here is a quick snapshot of the outcome of this week’s Council meeting. For details, please watch the video or view the minutes once they are posted.

Exclusion of the Public from Local Government Meetings to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – The Public Health Officer’s order on public gatherings requires local governments to prohibit in-person attendance by members of the public at local government meetings. Under the order, Council was required to pass a resolution to uphold this prohibition at the start of the meeting.

Arts Facilities Advisory Committee/Klee Wyck Subcommittee – Klee Wyck Site 2020–2029 Plan Recommendations – Council received a report from the Arts Facilities Advisory Committee, which was directed by Council to review options for Klee Wyck Park, and approved a series of next steps and improvements for the site, including:

  • removing the main house and studio
  • exploring options for a potential community-use facility to support future programming aligned with the restoration of the site
  • removing four greenhouses currently on-site and relocating two greenhouses currently on the site
  • after the buildings are removed, landscaping the area to improve the site for park use
  • installing interpretive signage to commemorate Dr. Ethlyn Trapp
  • creating pathways through the gardens featuring the historical plantings
  • review the trail network in the area and connections to Klee Wyck
  • consulting the community to determine the level of interest in community gardens

Neighbourhood Character Working Group: Final Report – In August 2018, Council appointed 10 West Vancouver residents to the Neighbourhood Character Working Group and gave them the task of proposing regulations and policies to improve neighbourhood character, protect heritage, and mitigate the impacts of development. The working group delivered their recommendations to Council and completed their work.

Council thanked the working group for their work and received the report. They directed staff to report back to Council in 2021 with respect to implementing the recommendations contained in the report.

Adoption of bylaws for water, sewer, and solid waste – On November 16, Council approved updates to the bylaws that provide for drinking water, sanitary, and storm sewer services, and garbage and recycling collection, including the cost of these services to residents. At that meeting, they gave the bylaws a first, second, and third reading. On December 7, Council adopted the amended bylaws. 

Adopting amendments to the OCP Bylaw and the Development Procedures Bylaw – Council amended two bylaws to increase efficiency and free up Council time by delegating minor exemptions to the Director of Planning. The staff report was first considered on October 5, and following a Public Hearing on November 17, Council held a Special Council meeting and gave the bylaws a second and third reading. On December 7, Council adopted the amended bylaws. 

Adopting amendments to the Zoning Bylaw and associated development permit – Council amended the Zoning Bylaw to expand the allowable uses of McGavin Field. This will allow British Pacific Properties (BPP) to enter into a licence agreement with the District to use McGavin Field to create a public park space that includes a sales centre for the Rodgers Creek area currently under development, and the ability to hold public festivals and events. The staff report was first considered on October 19, and following a Public Hearing on November 17, Council gave the bylaw a second and third reading. On December 7, Council adopted the bylaw and approved the associated development permit.

The next Council meeting will take place on December 14.

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