Council Meeting Highlights: February 8, 2021

Feb 8, 2021

Here is a quick snapshot of the outcome of this week’s Council meeting. For details, please watch the video or view the minutes once they are posted.

Preliminary Development Proposal for Daffodil Drive

The District has received a preliminary development application for Lots C and D on Daffodil Drive (south of 5665 Daffodil Drive). The site is approximately 4.5 acres, located in the Eagle Ridge neighbourhood, and is accessed from Daffodil Drive and Westport Road.

The proposal in its current state includes nine townhouses and 44 duplex units for a total of 53 units, including three and four-bedroom units. The proposal generally meets Council's Official Community Plan policies to provide "missing middle" housing.

In November 2020 Council received a preliminary report but deferred receiving the report until the applicant could conduct further community consultation. The applicant hosted an in-person meeting in July 2020 and reduced the number of units in the proposal in response to community feedback. A virtual community consultation meeting was held in November 2020 and identified the following community concerns: construction time frame and impacts, number of homes and impacts, traffic impacts, and home heights.

Details of the proposal are not finalized, and the District has received no formal application. This report provided an early update and gave Council an opportunity for input while the project is still in the pre-application phase. The applicant still needs to prepare a formal application and, if approved, a rezoning application to provide additional public consultation.  Information about the proposal and its progress is available on the District's website

4170 Rose Crescent – Removal of Dawson Residence from the Community Heritage Register

The Rom Thom house at 4170 Rose Crescent was built in 1958. Its existing property owners did a complete renovation of the house and site featuring their heritage character and were given a Heritage Achievement Award in 2009. In 2016, the owners submitted a subdivision application for the site that met all the zoning requirements. 

At the time staff received the subdivision application, the site was not on the Community Heritage Register. The owner could have proceeded with demolition without intervention by staff or Council. A temporary use permit was approved to avoid demolition, allowing the house to remain after the site was subdivided. It was understood that if a viable heritage option was not found, the house could be demolished. Since that time, in 2019 Council added 4170 Rose Crescent to the Community Heritage Register.

Over the last six to seven years, the property owner has worked in good faith to consider potential heritage protection options, including actively marketing the site as a heritage property. The temporary use permit was approved in 2018 and allowed the house to remain for three years. The permit expires in September of this year, and before the permit's expiry, the owner is required to demolish the house.

With regret, Council acknowledged that the owner had done everything they could to preserve the house and removed the property from the Community Heritage Register so that the terms of the temporary use permit can be satisfied.

Upper Lands (Cypress Village/Eagleridge) – Direction to Proceed to Phase 2 

Staff updated Council on the first phase of the Planning the Upper Lands process. A short history of the Upper Lands, from 1926 to the present day, was provided during the presentation.

The current process is based on the long-term vision set out in the District's Official Community Plan, to transfer the development rights currently held by the landowner, British Pacific Properties, from all of Eagleridge and Inter Creek into Cypress Village and Cypress West.

"Transferring development potential" means that the total land value after the transfer of development potential should equal the land value under the existing zoning. The land is currently zoned for single-family lots and would allow for about 300 single-family homes in Cypress Village and 300 single-family homes in Eagleridge. This means that two or three townhouses, or five to seven apartments, would be needed to replace each single-family lot. Development potential would be removed from Eagleridge so it could be protected, possibly as a park, and Cypress Village would be re-zoned to accommodate the density required to transfer the development potential away from Eagleridge.

 Phase one engagement asked for the community's input on a variety of questions, including two main approaches:

A: Protect about half of Eagleridge now and half in a future process, for about 2,500 units in Cypress Village now

B: Protect all of Eagleridge now for about 3,500 units in Cypress Village

Staff provided a report on the recent community engagement results, including that 65% of respondents support Approach B. Council received the engagement summary report for information and endorsed approach B and the proposed planning principles as the basis for Phase 2.

The next Council meeting will take place on February 22, 2021.

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