Council Meeting Highlights: July 25, 2022

Jul 25, 2022

Here is a quick snapshot of the July 25, 2022, Council meeting. Please watch the video or view the minutes (once they are posted) for details.


CAO Update to the Community

CAO Robert Bartlett presented an update on Council's Strategic Plan goals and other operational highlights over the past two years.

Development Variance Permit for 4170 Rose Crescent

The property at Rose Crescent was created by subdivision in 2017 and is currently a vacant lot. Staff presented a proposal for a new single-family residence requiring a reduced front-yard setback due to the site's configuration. Council approved the development variance permit.

Development Permit for 2452 to 2496 Marine Drive

The site in question comprises six commercial lots in Dundarave Village, and the proposal is to construct a mixed-use building to provide retail space, office space, and residential units. The proposal design requires variances as part of the Development Permit, including allowance for a height increase of 3.8 metres. 

Staff provided a presentation outlining the proposal's details, including three storeys at Marine Drive and, due to the sloped site, presenting as five storeys at the lane. The proposal also includes increased setbacks for wider sidewalks, public art, a public plaza, and bus stop and sidewalk upgrades.

Council approved the Development Permit.

Taylor Way Local Area Plan: Scoping Report

After Council adopted the Official Community Plan in 2018, targeted engagement to develop specific Local Area Plans began. As a result, the Horseshoe Bay LAP is now complete, and staff presented an update on the Ambleside LAP on June 13

One of Council's Strategic Goals is to consider the implications of starting the process for a Taylor Way Corridor Local Area Plan while the Ambleside LAP is underway. Staff provided a presentation outlining the potential for commencing the Taylor Way Local Area Plan in 2023.

Council received the report for information and directed staff to prepare a Terms of Reference and a budget for Council to consider in early 2023.

Capilano Pacific Trail

The Capilano Pacific Trail goes from Ambleside Park and follows a path along the river until signs direct you up to Keith Road. The trail used to continue on through the Capilano River Regional Park to the Fish Hatchery, Cleveland Dam and Capilano Lake, but that is no longer accessible from West Vancouver as a result of a landslide. The landslide occurred on January 6, 2021, in the area of Moyne Drive, and removed a section of the trail entirely as well as the sanitary sewer line that ran beneath it. 

The District conducted a Trail Restoration Feasibility Study and determined that the slope instability prevents reinstating the trail on the original alignment. Therefore, Council decommissioned the old trail and sewer alignment and directed staff to replace the existing temporary fencing with permanent fencing.

Staff proposed a new alignment for both the sewer and the trail. The budget for the sewer replacement is in place through the utility fund. Council also directed staff to build a new trail following the same alignment and fund it through the Community Serving Community Amenity Contributions fund.


Council adopted the following bylaws:


A consent agenda allows Council to approve all these items together without discussion or individual motions. Accordingly, Council approved the reports listed below.

The next regular Council meeting will take place on September 19, 2022.

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