Council Meeting Highlights: June 27, 2022

Jun 27, 2022

Here is a quick snapshot of the June 27, 2022, Council meeting. Please watch the video or view the minutes (once they are posted) for details.


2195 Gordon Avenue Development Permits 

At the May 30 meeting, Council received reports about the proposed development permits and set the date to consider the permits for June 27. At this meeting, Council approved:

  • Development Permit 21-189 for 2195 Gordon Avenue (also known as 990 22nd Street), allowing for the construction of a 156-unit below-market rental apartment building development and ground-level adult day centre development on proposed Parcel A
  • Development Permit 21-190 for 2195 Gordon Avenue (also known as 990 22nd Street), allowing for the construction of a 58-unit market condominium apartment building development on proposed Parcel B

Prior to this meeting, at the May 9 meeting, Council considered proposed lease agreements with Kiwanis North Shore Housing Society (to operate the below-market rental housing) and Darwin Properties (for the development of the condominium apartment building). Council also considered a Housing Agreement that sets out the terms for Kiwanis to operate the below-market rental housing. At the June 13 meeting, Council directed staff to execute the leases.

Staff and Council began working on this housing objective in 2018. The last step for Council will be to consider the housing agreement authorization bylaw at the July 11 Council meeting.

2022 Community Grants

The District’s Community Grants Program provides funding to not-for-profit community organizations serving the needs of West Vancouver residents. This assistance promotes a healthy, caring community where residents have access to services that maintain or improve their quality of life; and promotes full participation in community life. The grant budget for 2022 is $343,680, and the Community Grants Committee recommends a total of $310,370 in funding, leaving a balance of $33,310 remaining in the Community Grants program budget. 

Council approved the list of grant requests as recommended by the Community Grants Committee.

2021 Annual Report

The 2021 Annual Report provides information to the community on the achievements of the District in 2021 and includes three sections:

  1. An overview of the District’s vision, mission, council strategic goals and objectives, and information about the District’s performance during 2021. It includes a summary from each department on operational accomplishments and the tasks completed to support Council’s 2021 strategic priorities.
  2. The District’s audited consolidated financial statements, schedules, and notes in a format consistent with Public Sector Accounting Standards established for municipalities in British Columbia. The report also provides additional detail on assets, liabilities, and overall operational performance. The statements provide a summary of the financial activities and financial position of the District.
  3. Supplementary information including statistical and graphic information. The section includes a report on the COVID-19 Safe Restart Grant allocation, actuals, and amounts remaining, as well as some useful financial indicators to benchmark financial performance.

Council approved the 2021 Annual Report, which can be viewed on the website.


General Local Elections Bylaw regarding mail ballot voting

Council read the proposed bylaw the first, second, and third time at the June 13, 2022, Council meeting. Council adopted the bylaw.


Council decided that the Mayor, on behalf of Council, send a letter to the BC Electoral Boundary Commission expressing the community’s significant opposition to the proposed redistribution of West Vancouver across multiple federal electoral districts.


A consent agenda allows Council to approve all these items together without discussion or individual motions. Council approved the reports listed below.


The next regular Council meeting will take place on July 11, 2022.

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