District crews are out working to provide essential services

Mar 24, 2020

While many residents are at home social distancing, District crews are out working to keep our community functioning well. This includes maintenance that is necessary to provide the essential services that we all need in our daily lives.  

Annual watermain flushing

District staff will be conducting annual watermain maintenance from March to May. While flushing of sediments can cause temporary cloudiness, these sediments are not harmful and your water is safe to drink. You may wish to run the cold water tap until the water is clear.

Disinfecting wipes don’t belong in the toilet

Many of us are now using more disinfecting wipes to help keep our homes clean. While these single-use wipes can be tempting to flush down the toilet, they can clog up sewers and pipes, causing them to backup.

Any kind of wipe, aside from toilet paper, should not be flushed, including products labelled as flushable. While these products might make it down the drain, they can cause problems in the sewer, which can be very costly to repair.

Please remember to place “flushable” wipes in the garbage.

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