District reaches agreement with West Vancouver Marina

Oct 3, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the District of West Vancouver and the operator of the West Vancouver Marina have reached an agreement to resolve the existing safety concerns at the West Vancouver Marina.  This will allow the docks to be re-opened once the remediation work is complete. The District recognizes the importance of the gas barge, so the agreement allows for an extension of 10 years for this important service.

On Friday, September 28, the District and the operator agreed on a way forward that will serve the best interests of the community. Details include:


  • the operator will undertake remediation of the facility (including piles, floats, gangway supports, etc.)
  • the Marina operator has retained an engineer to project-manage the remediation
  • remediation work will be completed within six months
  • when complete, the docks and marina will be safe for the public and boating community

Boat moorage

  • boats currently moored at West Vancouver Marina are no longer required to relocate due to the closure of the Marina
  • while the docks remain closed until the remediation is complete, the boats can be accessed by water at boaters’ own risk
  • the operator is responsible for making arrangements for moored boats to accommodate the remediation work

Gas barge

  • the gas barge operates under a sub-lease to the Marina operator
  • as part of the agreement, the Marina will offer the gas barge operator a ten-year extension to allow this service to continue for the benefit of the community


  • the Marina operator has appointed a manager for the Marina moving forward

Contact for boat owners:

Kristi Merilees, Manager, Community Relations & Communications



Media Contact

Donna Powers, Director of Community Relations & Communications

604-219-4806 (cell)

604-925-7168 (office)


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