Easter wishes from West Vancouver Council

Apr 4, 2021

We are celebrating the Easter holiday at a time when residents of the North Shore are still reeling from an extremely difficult week.

Last Saturday, a horrific tragedy occurred in Lynn Valley that shook our tight-knit community to its core. That it happened at a public library, where everyone should feel a sense of safety and belonging, is even more heart-wrenching.

Then, while we were still in a state of shock, two Masonic halls in North Vancouver were burned down in an act of arson. We lost not only the buildings, but important freemason history and memorabilia.

And, unfortunately, the pandemic rages on unabated, with new restrictions being placed on already beleaguered businesses and citizens.

Thankfully, during these tough times, we have each other to lean on for comfort and support. It is this strength that makes our community such an amazing place to live.

We also have the spring season to look forward to. Easter always brings fresh beginnings, renewal, and reflections on our blessings.

Although we can’t gather as we usually do, the vaccine roll-out is moving along, as more and more people become eligible; and I’m looking forward to a time when we can again celebrate together the many traditions that we all cherish.

On behalf of Council, I wish you and your family continued good health, and a happy, hopeful Easter.

Warm regards,

Mayor Mary-Ann Booth

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