Five Creeks Project update and message to the community

Jun 20, 2019

The District has been sharing information with the community regarding the Five Creeks Stormwater Flood Protection Project as the construction works commenced. Staff have worked to ensure that the public could easily access details and information regarding the project using the District’s website, social media, direct mail, email and local media. With the project being underway for several weeks we would like to provide you with an update on the project to date and to ensure that more important details about this project have not been overlooked amidst information that has been made available.

The Five Creeks Stormwater Flood Protection Project consists of a large stormwater diversion system, the portion of the system that is currently being constructed within the District road corridor, will run north from  the Burrard Inlet at the foot of 31st Street to the upper levels highway along  the 3300-block of Westmount Road. This stormwater diversion system will redirect excess flows from Westmount, Cave and Pipe creeks during extreme rain events, offering drainage protection for homes and property within the Altamont, Westmount, and Rodgers Creek neighbourhoods as well as maintaining the environmental integrity of the creeks. The need for this work was identified through the 2013 Five Creeks Integrated Stormwater Management Plan report and, while other options for managing storm water were contemplated within the study, it was determined this system was the most viable solution. The report considers the anticipated impacts that climate change, increasing frequency and higher intensity storm events will have within the creek watersheds.  Diversion systems are a commonly applied risk management technique that when properly designed, will not compromise environmental objectives.

The report also considered Turner and Godman watersheds, with the intent that there may be opportunity in the future for flood measures to address currently developed and undeveloped lands within those watersheds.

Due to the diversion system being capable of benefitting currently developed lands, the District entered into an agreement with the developer to cost share a portion of the works.  Were the diversion system not sized to address culvert and creek channel deficiencies within the existing developed lands, the District would have had to address these deficiencies through its capital funding programs.  In turn, a work and services agreement was entered into between the developer, British Pacific Properties, and the District.

The District of West Vancouver and its agents are required to follow all Provincial and Federal regulations, and they will continue to do so. Recently, construction at the site at the foot of 31st Street ceased due to the reporting of an eagle’s nest within the work radius. A qualified registered environmental professional biologist has and continues to carry out a monitoring protocol consistent with the guidelines and regulations in place through the outside regulatory bodies.

This project is anticipated to be completed in early 2020. As with all large construction projects, there is impact to the surrounding area. Affected residents have been informed of this project and we will continue to communicate information as it is available. The project has been underway for three weeks now and some of the impacts felt include vegetation and tree removal, noise, traffic delays and road closures, detour routes and other frustrations. We recognize that these impacts have created frustration. District staff will continue to do their best to moderate these impacts and quickly address concerns as they come up. We appreciate your patience as this necessary project is completed.

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