Five Creeks Stormwater Flood Project Project update

Jun 17, 2019

The District takes environmental concerns seriously. We have always followed approved environmental regulations and will continue to do so. 

For a number of weeks, bird nesting surveys have been carried out on an ongoing basis at the foot of 31st Street and the surrounding area. These surveys have been completed by a Registered Professional Biologist for the Five Creeks Diversion Project. Bald eagles have been observed in a tree located on the foreshore at the foot of 31st Street. The District obtained information regarding a nest located in the adjacent area on Thursday, June 13, and has been monitoring its status on a daily basis since that time. The bald eagles nest is located in a Douglas fir at 3120 Travers Avenue, 60 metres from the work site associated with the project. The nest is legally protected under the British Columbia Wildlife Act.

Current best practices, which are published by the BC Ministry of Environment, inform the basis of the monitoring/management plan that was prepared, as well as the specific conditions observed at the site. These guidelines require the nest to be monitored for a minimum of four straight days, and for a minimum of four hours each day, to determine the level of nesting activity observed at the nest site. This monitoring began on Thursday, June 13. 

The outcome of this monitoring is documented in the attached memorandum, dated June 16. This memorandum suggests that no observations of eagles using the nest were made during the monitoring period, and notes some photos have circulated showing the eagles in and near the nest placing sticks on the nest. Visual observations by the Registered Professional Biologist indicate the sticks on the nest are fairly new and it is likely that the eagles are tending to the nest for future use. It is highly unlikely that the eagles will utilize the nest this year to lay eggs.

Since no eagle nesting activity has been observed to date, work will commence on June 17, with regular nest monitoring protocols in place.

Memorandum by Sartori Environmental

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