Extremely high volume of building permit applications creates delays

Mar 15, 2022

The District is currently facing unprecedented levels of new building permit applications and customers are advised to expect delays.  

What is happening?

The District is currently facing unprecedented levels of new building permit applications. On average, the District received 40 building permits a month over the last three years. In the past three months, monthly applications have increased significantly:

  • 82 in November 2021
  • 129 in December 2021
  • 209 in January 2022

This represents 10½ months’ volume in three months, and staff anticipate it will take four to six months to clear the backlog.

This volume includes building permits for renovations, tenant improvements, and new single-family homes. As time goes on after the permits are processed, the backlog will move down the process and impact other stages of construction, like inspections.

What is the District doing about it? 

Over the past year, staff have streamlined the process to create efficiencies, however, the volume of permit applications is so high that the timelines are increasing despite efficiencies.

Not all permit applications will be processed in the order in which they were received. Staff are separating smaller, less complex permit applications into a separate stream to reduce wait times.

What should renovators/builders do?

Customers should expect permit reviews to take several months longer than normal. People who submitted applications in February and March will face significant delays.

If you have submitted a building permit application, please be prepared to adjust your construction schedule.

If you are planning to apply for a building permit, please plan ahead and be prepared for longer timelines in 2022.

When can you expect to hear back?

Delays will vary based on the complexity of permit applications. As soon as your permit application reaches the review stage, you will be contacted if anything is missing. If the application is complete, we will let you know once the permit is ready to issue.

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