Learn more about how the proposed Foreshore Development Permit Area will protect waterfront properties from sea level rise

Apr 14, 2021

As climate change causes increased sea level rise and storm surge, it is important for waterfront communities to develop building regulations that specifically address the risk of coastal hazards and flooding. The District is creating a development permit area for the foreshore that will help protect people and homes, protect the environment, and provide clear information for property owners about how to develop waterfront properties safely.

A Development Permit Area is a legislative policy document to control development within the coastal floodplain.

A Foreshore Development Permit Area would guide redevelopment of properties in areas that will potentially be impacted by coastal flooding, and ensure that new development is designed for safe use in response to climate change threats.

One of Council's Council Strategic Goals is to protect our natural environment, reduce our impact on it, and adapt to climate change, including addressing the threat of sea level rise and coastal flooding. In November 2020, Council asked District staff for prepare a Foreshore Development Permit Area for their consideration.

The Official Community Plan also specifies the need for a Foreshore Development Permit Area. In addition, the Coastal Marine Management Plan Working Group, and the broader North Shore Sea Level Rise Strategy, both include recommendations to prepare a Development Permit Area as one tool to adapt to sea level rise and coastal flooding risks.

Virtual information meeting

Join us at a virtual information meeting on Wednesday, April 28 from 5 to 7 p.m. to learn more about the proposed Foreshore Development Permit Area. There will be an opportunity to provide comments and ask questions after the presentation.

Visit westvancouverite.ca/foreshoreDPA for more information and to join the virtual meeting.


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