Tax Assistance Program

Registration for the Seniors' Activity Centre Tax Program will begin Wednesday, February 24. 

Program description & eligibility

We will have volunteers to process 2020 taxes for low-income seniors from March 1 until April 30.

To qualify for assistance taxpayers must have a maximum total family income of $35,000 for individuals, or $45,000 for a couple.

We will accept tax information and will have our Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approved volunteer complete the taxes in isolation. You should be available for questions and we will need a phone number for you to be contacted.

Once completed, the taxes will be electronically filed to CRA and a copy of the assessment will be available to pick up at the Seniors' Activity Centre. 

We cannot do returns that include rental income or any other business income. We cannot do returns for deceased taxpayers. We cannot process taxes for previous years.

How to make an appointment

Registration for appointments begins on February 24. There is no cost for this service.

Please call to register.