From outdoor activities to quilting and computer classes, there is an activity to keep you busy every day of the week, all year long at the Seniors' Activity Centre!

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Outdoor Cycling Programs

Want to discover your city and beyond? Make new friends? If you have a bicycle in good condition, then join the Seniors' Activity Centre Outdoor Cycling Program – it’s safe, convenient and caters to seniors of all abilities.

Escorted riding groups leave the Seniors' Activity Centre most weekday mornings year-round for half-day or all-day trips on various circuits throughout the Metro Vancouver using designated bike routes and trails, where available, and stopping mid-way for coffee and a chat.

Cycling Clubs

Seniors’ Outdoor Cycling Programs incorporate four cycling clubs riding on different weekdays and offering mild, moderate and strenuous ride options catering to differing abilities—from newcomers to experienced riders.

Norwest Cycling club rides year-round on Wednesdays and Fridays and is for experienced riders aged 60+ in good physical shape, and comfortable riding at a faster pace (20+ km/h) in traffic and on bridges.

Silver Wheels club rides year-round on Mondays and Thursdays in two groups offering the options of a moderately paced (16-19km/h) ride of up to 50km and a faster paced (20-22km/h) ride over longer distances.

Tuesday Cycling club ride year-round on Tuesdays at a moderate pace (15-18km/h) on 30-50km routes.

Turtles Cycling club rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays during April through October in two groups offering gently paced (12-15km/h) short ride options on the North Shore, with longer, mildly paced (14-16km/h) rides in the Metro Vancouver region (up to 40km).

Participation is flexible to suit changing ability or convenience, subject to riding group size limits. For example, as participants’ fitness develops or abilities permit, they can choose between joining the mildly paced Turtles Cycling rides and the moderately or faster-paced Silver Wheels rides.

Safe Riding Protocols

Riding groups observe Safe Riding Protocols and no one is left behind. Rides during the summer season (April through October) are pre-arranged (see Outdoor Sports Schedule). Club members are provided with route details, ride leader/sweep contacts and maps via email.

Safe Riding Protocols

Route Maps

A file of route maps with directions is available for copying at the Seniors’ Activity Centre front desk.

Not sure where you fit in?

Take a trial ride with either the Turtles or the Silver Wheels. 

Are you an experienced rider willing to help others discover the joy of outdoor cycling? Our riding groups depend on experienced ride leaders and sweeps to get them back safely. Free training is provided.

For more details contact:

Caroline Brandson
Outdoor Activities, Social Wellness & Transportation Coordinator, Seniors' Activity Centre



Want to learn more about safe riding or bike maintenance?

Look out for upcoming short training courses in the Seniors’ Scene. Courses on ride safety and bike maintenance, as well as anti-theft measures, touring opportunities and other topics are held at the Community Centres from time to time. Cycling members are routinely notified but all senior cyclists are

Indoor Cycling Programs

Enjoy exercise indoors? Try the drop-in cycling classes available at the West Vancouver and Gleneagles Community Centres year-round. CycleFIT indoor cycling classes are offered for all levels and ages, and focus on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery to give you a great non-impact

Recreation Schedules - CycleFIT

Ramblers: Mondays

Join fellow outdoor enthusiasts for weekly 8 to 10 km hikes on Mondays from January to December. Meet at the Seniors' Activity Centre at 10 a.m. (unless otherwise specified).


registration: $13.40 per year for Seniors' Activity Centre members

Bus trips
The group travels by bus to trails outside of West Vancouver on the last Monday of the month. There is an additional fee for the bus service.

Required equipment
appropriate footwear
clothing for all weather conditions
food and water

Rambler Hike Rating Guide

Outdoor Sports Schedule

For new participants or more information, please contact the hike leader or the Seniors' Activity Program Coordinator:


Hikers: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Love to hike in West Vancouver? Senior hikers enjoy local trails all year round with this avid hiking group that stays active from approximately 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. twice per week! Enjoy 8 to 14 km hikes lasting 4 to 5 hours on Tuesdays all year long, or longer 12 to 25 km hikes lasting 6-9 hours on Thursdays from May to October.


registration: $13.40 per year for Seniors' Activity Centre members

What to Bring

Outdoor Sports Schedule

Please contact the hike leader or Seniors' Activity Program Coordinator to fill out a fitness questionnaire and waiver prior to participating and for details on each hike (ie. degree of difficulty):


Cross Country Skiing

Come snowshoe or cross country ski with friends at Cypress Mountain on Wednesdays and Fridays. The group meets at the Seniors' Centre at 9 a.m. and departs at 9:10 a.m., returning at 12:30 p.m. to the centre.


registration: $13.40 for the season for Seniors' Activity Centre members
bus: $6 plus tax to Cypress (bus price varies to other locations)

The shuttle runs from the Seniors' Centre to Cypress bi-weekly and a few other ski areas throughout the ski season during resort operation only. 

Seniors' Shuttle Bus Schedule

More Information
Check the ski resort snow phone or website the morning of the trip.

Seniors' Activity Program Coordinator



This volunteer group loves to make articles of value and beauty and also take the time to enjoy the company of other quilters. You are invited to visit them every Friday morning at the centre in the Fabric Arts room where they have several quilts of varying sizes and colours on display.

The Quilters have generously supported the Seniors' Shuttle Service through their fundraising efforts for which the centre is very grateful.

Everyone is welcome to stop by and have a look at the lobby display cupboards, which are filled with lots of handmade goodies available for purchase.

Computer Classes

Whether you're looking for an introduction to computers, or for specific software help, we have a class for you! Computer classes of al levels and subjects are offered in the Learning Centre to all Seniors' Activity Centre members. Bring your own laptop or use one of the computers available at the Seniors' Activity Centre.

Do you use your computer at home on a regular basis? Join the computer club to attend meetings and share your experiences.

List of Classes and Details

Visual Arts Classes

The Seniors’ Activity Centre offers a variety of visual arts classes suited to all levels. Whether you’re entirely new to art, or are an art aficionado, we have a class for you!

List of Classes and Details


Be sure to check out the Leisure Guide website for a full listing of all programs and activities for ages 55+.

Leisure Guide

For questions about outdoor cycling programs or volunteering at the Seniors' Activity Centre, please contact:

Caroline Brandson
Outdoor Activities, Social Wellness & Transportation Program Coordinator, Seniors' Activity Centre



Keeping Connected

The Keeping Connected programs are speciality programs designed to support our members in their pursuit to live independently. 

If you, or someone you know, who is struggling with a loss of some sort, these programs could be a great fit for you.

Keeping Connected

Winner of the Program Excellence Award