COVID-19 Updates


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Current Projects

The Ambleside Waterfront Park Implementation Project will implement changes outlined in the Ambleside Waterfront Concept Plan, in phases, over the next several years.

The District has developed a proposed funding strategy to acquire the last two houses on Argyle Avenue for public parkland.

The District intends to renew and refresh the existing park.

Navvy Jack House is located at 1768 Argyle Avenue and was home to families for 143 years. The District is considering a proposal to acknowledge this significant heritage asset by repurposing it as a nature centre.

Navvy Jack Park improvements have been completed and the park is open for your enjoyment. 

Parc Verdun is is a park located near Eagle Harbour (situated between the Gleneagles and Caulfeild area). There are several areas in the park that are in need of improvement.

Spirit Trail installation

The District is constructing new stairs and making other minor improvements to Weston Park