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Ice Arena floor replacement

Update September 4:

The new ice arena floor is ready for use as of Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Some minor exterior maintenance remains at the site and will be completed while the building is open to the public. 

Previous State

The West Vancouver Ice Arena opened in 1966. The facility is now 51 years old and few improvements have been made to the ice arena floor area. Many of the components of the facility have exceeded their useful life.

A leak in the arena floor developed in early 2018. The leak did not pose a safety concern to the arena users or surrounding community, however, the surface needed to be replaced immediately.


Council approved the request to allocate funds for this replacement at their March 5, 2018, Council meeting. 

Community consultation: arena spring & summer use

The replacement of the floor provides new technology that will give the facility opportunities to have ice available in spring and summer starting in 2019.

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback at the open house on June 7, 2018, and through the survey (which closed on June 11, 2018). We received 385 responses through the survey!

Arena use beginning in 2019

Based on community feedback and dialogue about possible uses of the arena during the spring and summer, including both ice and dry-floor activities, it is apparent that the preferred choice is for on-ice activities. It is also clear that there are many more opportunities for the community to use the facility with the spring ice option.

As a result, the District has decided that beginning in 2019 the ice surface will be left in place for the spring season (approximately April to mid-June) and that the summer dry floor program, The Play Zone Ride & Slide, will continue from the end of June to early-August.

This new schedule will allow additional residents and visitors to use the West Vancouver Ice Arena and participate in more District programs, drop-in sessions and community rentals.

These recommendations will be reviewed at the end of the spring/summer 2018 season to determine if any changes are recommended for the use of the facility in 2020 and beyond.


Keith Miller
Customer Service & Community Recreation Manager