Sports Courts

There are tennis and pickleball courts available for public use in West Vancouver.

Please view the list below for locations.

Court Usage

All courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis if there are no District lessons scheduled for the court. Please restrict games to 30 minutes if others are waiting.

Courts are used all year unless otherwise indicated. Please note that roller hockey is not permitted on the courts during tennis season (May to October).

Sports Courts 

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Updated September 13

Hugo Ray Park update

Staff continue to gather information on the proposed location options for dedicated pickleball courts in Hugo Ray Park. When information gathering is complete later this fall, a report will be prepared for Council’s consideration. Please sign up for sports court updates by email to be informed when the Council date has been confirmed, or check this web page. We thank you for your patience while this necessary work is being completed.
Parc Verdun sports courts update

The sports courts located in Parc Verdun are repainted and ready for play effective Friday, August 12.

Glenmore Park sports courts update

The tennis courts located at Glenmore Park will reopen on Monday, August 15 after being closed for repairs and repainting. 

Updated July 27

Hugo Ray Park update

At the May 30 Council meeting, staff presented the feasibility study results for four dedicated pickleball courts at Hugo Ray Park. Council directed staff to proceed to community consultation on two potential court locations, Option A and Option C, and report on the outcome of the community engagement with recommendations on next steps for the installation of dedicated pickleball courts in Hugo Ray Park.

The survey and comment form are now closed. The deadline was 4 p.m. on Monday, June 27. Visit the project page at the link below for more information. 

Tree work
A District of West Vancouver contractor is scheduled to remove nine dead and hazardous cottonwood trees in Hugo Ray Park in the south section of the field, east of the Pavilion clubhouse on Saturday, July 30, between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. This work may occur earlier in the week, dependent upon contractor availability.
Please note that a site option for dedicated pickleball courts in Hugo Ray Park has not yet been determined. These dead and hazardous cottonwood trees pose a safety risk to park users and must be removed.
Geotechnical work

A contractor will conduct geotechnical and environmental sampling work in Hugo Ray Park on Tuesday, August 2, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. This is related to the proposed options for locating dedicated pickleball courts in Hugo Ray Park and will require a drill rig to collect soil samples in the area around the Pavilion clubhouse for analysis. If the work cannot be completed in one day, the contractor will return at their earliest availability to complete the sampling.
29th Street sports court update:

The sports courts located at 29th Street have been converted back to a tennis court.

Updated June 13

Temporary pickleball courts in Normanby Park

The four temporary pickleball courts, located on the northern sports court in Normanby Park, are now open for play. 

Court locations

Tennis court locations # of courts Address
29th Street Park 2 29th Street and Marine Drive
Altamont Park 1 Gisby Street and Rosebery Avenue
Ambleside Park 3 13th Street and Marine Drive
Benbow Park 3 3100 block Benbow Road
Burley Park 1 900 block Burley Drive
Caulfeild Elementary 1 4685 Keith Road
Cedardale Park 1 3rd Street & Inglewood Avenue
Chairlift Park 1 2700 block Chelsea Close
Cypress Falls Park 2 4550 Woodgreen Place
Cypress Park School 2 4100 Burkehill Road
Glenmore Park 2 100 block Glenmore Drive
Horseshoe Bay  1 6300 block Douglas Street
McKechnie Park 2 Bayridge and Mathers Avenue
Normanby Park 1 1613 Pinecrest Drive
Parc Verdun 2 5600 block Marine Drive
Plateau Park 2 5200 block Spurce Field Road
Westridge Park 1 3900 block Westridge Avenue
Westwood Park 1 4700 Westwood Drive
Whytecliff Park 2 7100 block Marine Drive


Dedicated pickleball courts # of courts Address
Normanby Park 4 1613 Pinecrest Drive
Shared pickleball and tennis courts # of courts Address
Benbow Park 1 3100 block Benbow Road
Chairlift Park 1 2700 block Chelsea Close
Cypress Park School  1 4100 Burkehill Road
Whytecliff Park 1 7100 block Marine Drive



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